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Social Media Optimization, short-termed as SMO, is a unique and critical technique that needs to be mastered more and more as we tread deeper into this digital era. 2020 taught us to be at home, even work from home. And while we are all at home, while we were all in physical isolation, we really were never alone. And we owe this relief to Social Media! Imagine if Covid had happened before smartphones, video calls, and social media.

Imagine if we were in a lockdown in 1990. A nationwide lockdown then would have gone down in history as a war kind of blackout. But because lockdown happened in the thriving era of Social Media Optimization, everyone was connected, even if they weren’t together.

So in 2021, taking from the new and completely unconventional lessons that 2020 has taught us, it is time to upgrade our SMO skills and use the very best of them this year.

1. Personalization

The Covid Years – 2020 & 2021 have taught us one thing that there’s nothing more attractive on social media than something with a personal touch. Everyone is fighting on the digital space for focus, attention, and recognition. But only those will succeed who are able to communicate to the user on a personal level. A personal touch is the new Midas touch.


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2. Simplicity

Gone are the days when the complex was in because the herd psychology was that if a common person is not able to understand something, that means it’s great! Well, not anymore. It is not about fancy pitches anymore. Simplicity is the key. So the simpler the approach, the more understandable the approach, the larger audience it will draw.


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3. Change

As the old English saying goes – change is the only constant. Social Media was born to reaffirm the quote! With every new update on a Social Media platform, new features, new options, a range of new possibilities are born to reinvent and maximize the reach. Be on top of every update, make yourself well versed with every new feature. This will really bring an edge to your social media game.

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4. Timing

Being in the right place at the right time is the right way forward. This was purely coincidental in a pre-Social Media era, but it can be calculated, timed, and planned in this boom of the Social Media Optimization age. The secret ingredient is to study the trends, algorithms, and patterns. So closely pay attention to these!

SMO Service

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In a nutshell, SMO is a tool that can be a weapon in your favor and can use to win any war you set out to win on Social Media. These skills need to become second nature to everyone using Social Media Optimization as a market space! Let it not be just about mindless surfing anymore. Let 2021 be about informed surfing!

Credit: Ankur Kumar

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