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With today’s changing scenario, education has gone virtual, with the entire globe becoming a single learning platform as the other fields have gone virtual. Nowadays, one can search and locate almost everything online, from regular mock exam preparation and English tutorials to various other educational topics taught in schools and colleges worldwide.

Virtual learning has gained popularity globally alongside scope online tutoring jobs since loads of students can get the best education online with the internet; this otherwise would not be easily available or would be expensive to seek for such students.

In fact, in developed countries, most students do not prefer online classes as against in-person classroom learning.

The rise in online learning has opened up the demand for online classes and talented individuals to teach on a virtual medium, which proves to be a great alternative for remote working to the budding teachers. And the organizations look for such talent willing to pay them a good amount for their teaching services.

For someone seeking a remote work option like a source of income, the work from home look like the best solution genuinely as it offers good pay, gives the flexibility to work, and educates so many students across the world.

So suppose you are passionate about teaching and searching for an option to work for few hours or usual working hours and that from the confines of your home, online teaching is a very good option to select.

We shall highlight top organizations that operate in the virtual learning technique and a brief about each of them covering the following points through this blog.

  • The educational qualifications you must possess to fulfill these criteria.
  • Hourly payment structure by the teacher’s expectations.
  • You can see the education company’s review on Glassdoor those teachers who work for them.

These are the basic norms to check their rankings; let us check out in detail about them to see which one of them offers great online tutoring jobs.

1. VIPKid

Synopsis: This company into tutoring is based out of China that provides English education as a language for its native kids. It is a well-known organization backed by ex-basketball champion Kobe Bryant. They are always in need of the best tutoring talent.

Numerous aspirants wish to work here, but the selection is difficult; therefore, you can get a better chance if you are highly qualified and have formal 4 years of education. We feel it can easily get at par in the hierarchy with ‘Education First,’ another company into the same line of business that also offers online tutoring jobs.

Qualifications: VIPKid Company expects the applicants to get basic college training with short practical knowledge, whether academic or non-academic, like teaching sports or extra-curricular. The other company Education First doesn’t have such criteria.

Average pay per hour: This Company pays an average of $18 per hour.

Glassdoor rating: 90 percent of the people would recommend others, and the rating it has is 4.3 out of 5.

2.  Education First (EF)

Synopsis: Based out of Sweden, Education First (EF) is more than 50 years old, 55 years to be precise, and it has a presence in 117 countries with its online tutoring staff and employee strength of more than 45,000.  The company offers online teacher jobs for imparting knowledge of the English language for all age groups.

They offer quite a lot of perks for working in their organization. As a starter, once you are selected, immediately begin with the teaching within a fortnight apart from good hourly payment. And the best part is they do not expect any experience from the selected applicant as they scan the entire candidature thoroughly; that is it. You can also earn a cash bonus after reaching a certain milestone.

Qualifications: To get selected, one must speak resident English alongside having a basic college education and a ‘TEFL’ certification. But this certificate is not required while you apply to the company; you can get it later. The process becomes easy to get online tutoring jobs with EF.

Average pay per hour: EF’s average hourly pay is $20.

Glassdoor rating:  It has 3.4 out of 5 ratings with the recommendation by 62% Even the company is based out of Sweden, all your communication and payment are sorted through a USA-based company, making it simple to manage this business.

3. Studypool Inc.

Synopsis:  This Company by the name of Studypool Inc has a different pattern of providing teaching services. It provides tutors on demand. So when a student has any problem with any subject from computer science to zoology, accounting, or any other subject, they have to post their problem, budget, and time in which they want the solution. Later the company sends a few tutor options so that the pupils can select one of them. It proves to be a very innovative means to offer online tutoring jobs for aspirants.

Qualifications:  The only qualification this company emphasizes is that you are 18 years and above, plus there you have genuine love to teach; no other educational qualifications are needed.

Average pay per hour: Since this is a demand-based platform where the students fill in their details, they can afford these aspiring tutors’ bids for the project. The pay differs considerably, but you may earn better if you have expertise in a niche subject and how much time you are ready to give for the project. However, the company claims the teachers make roughly seven thousand five hundred dollars a month. Taking into consideration the nature of work looks reasonably good earning for online tutoring jobs.

 Glassdoor rating: Studypool Inc gets a rating of 4.1 out of 5, with close to 80 percent of students recommending its name and would recommend it to a friend.

4. TutorMe

Synopsis:  TutorMe is a Company that keeps a stiff selection criterion for tutors. They usually select candidates who have passed out from some prestigious colleges like Princeton or Yale, etc. They offer services for all the grades for over 300 subjects.

Qualifications:  As discussed above, apart from having passed out from reputed college, you need a minimum of 4 years of formal education with some previous practical knowledge, and you must be above 18 years of age to apply for a tutoring job. Though they look stringent, for online tutoring jobs, these are not impossible.

 Average pay per hour: TutorMe offers an average of $18 per hour to their tutors.

Glassdoor rating:  Talking about the rating, its ranks high with 4.5 out of 5 with a whopping 93 percent of the times it gets a recommendation.

5. Elevate K-12 Tutors

Synopsis:  Elevate operates differently from the above-mentioned companies on the list. Elevate offers teaching instructions with guidance inside classrooms during institutional hours. As they teach in the daytime during work hours, these options attract many online tutors.

The company has 600+ teachers registered with them offering their tutoring assistance with various subjects that include science, maths, and technology, with engineering that is different as not many online teaching companies offer these niche subjects. Suppose you have expertise in niche subjects and looking for online teaching jobs this can be your option.

Qualifications: You need at least 4 years of formal education and possess active certification; suppose you wish to work for Elevate. Usually, these teachers prefer working remotely from the comfort of their house instead of teaching in classrooms.

Average pay per hour: Elevate pays an average of $12.50 per hour to his tutors

Glassdoor Rating:  Their rating is 4.6 out of 5, with 90 percent of students recommend their name.

6. YUP

Synopsis: YUP believes in assisting pupils in getting acquainted with mathematics by gaining expertise in problem-solving skills against regular mundane tutoring subject matter. So if you possess mathematics expertise, you can search for online teaching jobs like this one.

Qualifications:  YUP conducts a test to scrutinize your subject knowledge and tutoring skills to pass this test. To apply to this organization, you should be an adult.

Average pay per hour: The average per hour pay this company pays is $12.50.

Glassdoor Rating:   The company scores 4.6 out of 5, and 97 percent recommend YUP to their friend.

7. Wyzant

Synopsis:   Wyzant has a different approach to providing services. Like freelance platforms, Upwork or Fiverr, they connect the freelance teachers with the prospective students or clients instead of hiring them and then assign them a project. You can register yourself as a freelance tutor and keep looking for online teacher jobs.

However, this platform has advantages along with disadvantages. Advantage being the tutor has scope for making more as you decide how much your pay scale should be and take charge of your teaching schedule. But its disadvantage is that it doesn’t have fixed clients or businesses attached to the company.

Qualifications:  This organization has a somewhat different selection criterion. Apart from being an adult, you have to be a USA citizen with residency proof. However, previous practical knowledge is not mandatory. 

Average pay per hour:  The hourly pay differs since the tutors fix their pay individually, but before putting your quote one point, you have to note that the company deducts its cut of 25 percent on your pay as other freelance platforms do. So be careful before registering here for tutoring jobs.

Glassdoor rating:  They have a rating of 3.5 out of 5, with 52 percent of students recommending.

8. Club Z

Synopsis:  This Company recruits certified tutors for students across grades right from nursery up to college, offering personalized teaching sessions. It also caters to the people who are rejoining their education to complete their studies.

 The organization was established way back in 1995 but its concentration is mainly over USA & Canadian markets for tutoring, unlike other organizations in the educational field. Rest assured with a steady workflow working with more than a 20-year-old Company.

Qualifications:  Although this organization asks for 4 years of formal education during the selection process, they don’t keep it mandatory. You can enroll in Club Z if you are passionate about teaching about teaching students. This becomes an easy option for some in search of online tutoring jobs.

Average pay per hour: They pay $20 as average pay per hour

Glassdoor rating:  It receives a rating of 4.2 out of 5 with 85 percent of the times the company gets recommended.

Note: The Company is recruiting for both in-home and online tutors.

9. Chegg Tutors

Synopsis: The Company was established in the year 2005, and it is based out of California. It started initially as a company into a textbook rental, gradually diversifying into offering tutoring services, help for your homework, and other educational resources. 

Chegg mainly caters to undergraduate and graduate pupils. So suppose while searching for online tutoring jobs, you can consider it if you are ready for tutoring higher grades.

Qualifications:  The selection process is stringent with Chegg Tutors. One must show proof of a diploma certificate and admission receipt for the degree course or suppose you are already a degree holder rather than the degree certificate itself. In addition, you need to get through the subject matter examination if you wish to tutor.

Average pay per hour:  Chegg Tutors pay an average of $20 hourly.

Glassdoor rating: Its rating stands at 4.0 out of 5, and 83 percent of students recommend its name.

10. HAWO

Synopsis:  Another company that offers online tutoring jobs is HAWO few of the largest online tutoring organizations having a base in China, and it is listed on NYSE. It was established with an aim to provide English tuitions for local students.

A vital point to note with HAWO is that they deduct money from your pay if you terminate any classes. So prior to registering, think wisely on this point unless that is fine with you; otherwise, this one is not a bad alternative.

Qualifications:  The important qualification for selection of this company is one must be proficient in English plus agree to work in evenings and nights due to different time zones between China & America. Suppose you reside in the States.

 Average pay per hour:  They pay $17 as average per hour.

Glassdoor rating:  It got a rating of 4.4 out of 5, with 90 percent of students recommending HAWO. 

11. QKids

Synopsis:  One of the new options while searching for online tutoring jobs is QKids, a young 5-year-old education company teaching Chinese students in the age group of 4 and 12. The best thing about working with this company is they provide the plan so; you don’t have to prepare any lessons yourself.

Qualifications: To get selected as a tutor in QKids, you need prior practical knowledge and are ready to dedicate at least 6 hours per week to this work. Besides that, one must have a basic degree of education; also, the aspirant must be a US citizen or Canadian. Anyone residing in either of these countries and finding online tutoring jobs can check it out.

Average pay per hour: They make a payment of $16 hourly basis.

Glassdoor rating:  The Company stands at 4.1 of 5 in rating, and 79 percent of pupils recommending their name.

12. Skooli

Synopsis: This Company provides tutoring to kids from kindergarten up to class 12th. The selection process in Skooli is more stringent than any other company. They need a candidate with a basic degree and prior experience as well. So before applying, check whether you fulfill those. However, the biggest advantage of working with Skooli is that it pays much higher than its competitors. So for someone searching for online tutoring jobs can try to earn a more hourly basis in this company.

Qualifications:  As discussed above, basic degree education is needed with proof to produce alongside a teaching certificate as proof. You should also be your subject expert having your own system and a reliable internet connection with a webcam, to begin with.

Average pay per hour: As per the Company sources, they pay its teachers hourly $25.

Glassdoor rating:  Their rating stands at 4.3 out of 5 and 63 percent recommendations. 

13. Tutor.Com

Synopsis: The Company that came into existence in 1998 had already taught a hundred and thousands of pupils with personalized teaching sessions. Getting selected for online tutoring jobs with an established company as proves good. As a teacher, there is a liberty to fix the timing per week for appointments at your convenience. They have sessions on-demand, thus enabling you to log onto and pick up an available class.

To get selected faster, clear through their test on the special subjects like mathematics, foreign languages, accounting, etc. that are in huge demand.

Qualifications:  Their selection criterion includes getting basic degree education at least from a reputed institute; in addition, one must be an expert in your subject you wish to give coaching for.  Apart from this, you have to be a US citizen or hailing from Canada and give at least five hours in a week to get selected. For citizens of these countries, searching for online tutoring jobs, it’s a better option as your chances of selection are narrowed down.

Average pay per hour: Their tutors are paid hourly $11.

Glassdoor rating:  They received a rating of 3.0 out of 5 with 56 percent recommendations. 

14. Brainfuse

Synopsis:  This organization caters to very different niche markets; it has specially designed software that operates consistently uninterrupted by any problem, even in remote areas with limited internet availability. Their target audience is low-income urban areas and students in rural areas. They work with different institutions like colleges, libraries, etc., to extend their tutoring service. It is a great option for someone who loves tutoring and searching for online tutoring jobs to pursue their passion and hobby.

Qualifications:   For getting selected in Brainfuse Company, you should be over 18 years old and possess a basic degree of education, at least alongside some work experience. The company does verification of your past from your profile and the references that it asks to provide.

 Average pay per hour:  As per the data gathered, their teachers who teach in the organization pay tutors hourly $12 to $13.

Glassdoor rating:  They have a comparatively low rating of 2.8 out of 5, with only 50% of their students recommending their name.

However, you can check this link to find some online jobs for teens.

Wrapping up

Online teaching is an excellent part time job option to earn some extra cash that can be turned into a full-time job.

You should be tech-savvy, not an expert but at least good with basic handling of tools and software and have a basic degree.

Depending on your educational qualifications and expertise, you can scale your chances of earning more per hour. If you found this blog giving a complete guide on online tutoring jobs useful, then subscribe now to read some interesting blogs in the future.

FAQs related to Online Tutoring Jobs

Below mentioned FAQs should help you find basic answers for your general queries. You read through all of them before narrowing down the organization with whom it will be interesting to do online teaching.

Q1. Which Companies to choose to begin with?

Before shortlisting any educational organization that interests you for working with them, it is essential to fix how much time in a day or per week you are ready to dedicate to tutor with them. Also, decide what time of the day would be comfortable as certain companies targeting the South East Asian market like China will be a time difference for teaching the local students, so consider that.

While searching for online tutoring jobs to avoid disappointment, check the qualification criterion for each company and only then apply.

The good part is that all these Companies are genuine ones. It’s an online option, so if time permits, you can even try working for multiple Companies simultaneously if you have time and are keen on earning more; there is no binding by a single employer.

However, you need to keep patience after applying for the review and selection to happen. The company may ask you to undergo an exam or an interview.

The general hiring steps in most of these educational companies are given below just to give you an overview if you are hunting for online part time jobs.

  1. Fill an online form on their site and upload your educational degree certificate and relevant documents as asked.
  2. Next, you have to upload a short video or attend an online interview.
  3. Then you may have to give a sample teaching session.
  4.  Once you are through with all these steps, you can start tutoring for real.

This entire process may take a few days, but it can get through fast.

Q2. How can I get through with the selection process?

There is not much difference between giving an online interview and an in-person interview. The basics remain the same.

1. Be polite, friendly, and gentle; always keep a smile on your face so that you come across as a positive and approachable person.

 2. Dress appropriately as you would do for an in-person interview.

3. Prepare well with the subject you applied for.

4. Do your homework concerning the company; also, for help, you can search interview videos uploaded over YouTube.

Q3. What is the difference in the interviewing process between online tutoring jobs and offline ones?

Earlier, we had discussed the similarities; now, let’s also check the difference between online and offline jobs.

• In online jobs, you must have your own PC / Laptop, webcam, high-speed internet, and a headphone with a mic.

• You should have a well-lit room so that you are visible clearly.

• The place where you teach should be neat and clean without any distraction for the students as they would see not only you but also the environment in which you are teaching them.

Q4. What are the best online tutoring jobs for ‘Teaching English as a Foreign Language?’

Although most of these Companies offer English teaching services, we highly recommend VIPKids and EF.

Are there any companies dedicated to hiring teenagers?

Unfortunately, there are no educational companies that hire tutors under the age of 18 years. Few of them hire as a coach, but they have fewer students enrolled, so you don’t have much scope.

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