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An Online Stylist May Be The Right Job For You If You Love Fashion And Want To Work From Home

It’s enjoyable when you get a chance to dress up people, and it gets better if they are online jobs work from home opportunities.

However fun it may seem, working in a fashion retail segment can take a toll on you due to unruly working hours. Working in the retail industry means you could be working over the weekends, waking up early, and working till late in the night on weekdays, sometimes even overnight, to rearrange the stock. It is a typical work schedule of the retail industry.

However, if you could work with some company that allows work from home, it would be a great option, isn’t it? You are saved from listening to the same old music in the store or the stress of parking in the store area during your shift hours. All this trouble will vanish. So you get online jobs to work from home; it’s bliss.

You can get a great blend of working for a fashion company and flexibility in working if you work for such a styling company that curates subscriptions and personalized boxes and sends them to their customers.

The majority of the time, you get a chance to work from home itself, where you can choose your working hours while helping your customers look and feel their best. It looks all good but working remotely may not be a good fit for everyone, even if you are taking it up as a side hustle. Let us see why?

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You Don’t Need To Be An Expert In Styling For These Online Jobs Work From Home

As per the director of people and culture for Bombfell Sean Lee, you don’t necessarily need experience in styling.

We are fine even if you come from a different background, as long as you are passionate about styling and possess some fashion experience.

The company is into men’s fashion where they ask their customers to share the styles they wish to have along with their measurements and, of course, the budget.

They conduct the physical interview in the head office in New York City since they require the applicant to visit the office for two-day training on-site. And further, visit the office as and when required for performance reviews, etc., they usually prefer applicants who stay within a commutable distance, like in New Jersey, Connecticut, or NYC if you are not comfortable with these criteria, or other online job work from home for students opportunities in the field.

These remote stylists work under the guidance of the in-house stylists who work from their head office.

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Although it is a remote job, they expect the applicant to commit at least 15 to 20 hours weekly. They expect that the schedule is made by Sunday itself for the week. The minimum requirement is to work for at least an hour a day to regularly be in touch with the clients without delaying any correspondence. The company, though, didn’t share how much they pay, but it is learned that Bombfell makes a payment of 13 to 15 dollars hourly from our sources.

How Can You Succeed In A Remote Styling Job That Online Jobs Work From Home?

Only having an interest in the field of fashion isn’t enough to get you a job in the remote styling arena. You also need to be a little techno-savvy where-in you should be able to navigate and use the sophisticated online systems used to style each service to pair customers with pieces of clothing.

Even if the system supports it, there must be human touch and interaction between stylists and clothes wearers.

Don’t forget communication plays a vital role here. Bombfell Company alone expects the applicant to be at least a college graduate who has completed a four-year degree to get selected as a remote stylist because the primary task of the stylist is regular interaction with the customers. So this one point is to be kept in mind for online jobs work from home in west India.

As said by Sean, it sometimes gets difficult to find a candidate with a perfect blend of interest, a reasonable amount of experience, and good written and verbal communication skills.

Those communication skills are not required for working with customers but also help you stay in touch with the Bombfell team via email and Slack.

The Disadvantages Of Remote Styling

Another company in the same industry named Stitch Fix, which recently expanded its business to style for men and women, also hires remote stylists from across the country. However, they prefer candidates staying in places like Austin, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, or San Diego. Again, there are many online job for freshers opportunities, so if you are not keen to go to the office to work, keep looking.

The reason behind this is they have in-person training events for new stylists, along with periodical “roadshows” where stylists can get hands-on experience with merchandise and get a chance to interact with team members.

This company advertises its remote styling jobs and expects a commitment of 15 to 30 hours weekly.

As per an ex-employee, the new joiners work about 10 hours weekly initially until they catch up with speed with the styling system and performance. Most of the applicants are either students or homemakers who prefer online part time jobs.

The company expects you to prepare a schedule two weeks in advance, mentioning how many hours you will put in every day.

One of the best perquisites the company offers is that it even pays for the shift you haven’t worked in case you have fallen sick.

 They pay 15 dollars hourly but without any raise. Though the employees do get a discount on the merchandise, they only have to pay for the shipping expense.

However good you are, after some days, you feel void working remotely

It is because most of the work happens over the phone or Skype, or email communication. This is the main requirement you need to fulfill for online jobs work from home opportunities.

And it gets really lonely and boring after a while. The reason you may stay in is the client. The ex-employee, however, said that she always had another job along with this side hustle but wouldn’t take up only this. Take up the job if you are badly in need of money.

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What Are Different Resources To Find Remote Styling Jobs?

When the subscription services for personally styled clothing and accessories grow, the industry’s growth, stylists, especially remote-jobs, also grows.

 JustFab is a company looking for an independent stylist for its soon-to-be-launched personal styling box subscription, which they call PS. They require candidates with at least one year of styling experience to apply for the job. Such jobs are good online part time jobs.

Another company named Rockbox, which is into jewelry rental subscriptions, is looking for a part-time remote stylist who can commit between 10 to 40 hours a week. The candidate has to match the perfect jewelry to match the client’s style and not the entire look in this job.

A styling service company for plus-sized women by the name of Dia & Co is also looking for stylists but expects them to work from their head office based out of New York City. They want applicants who can work between 20 to 40 hours weekly from the office gradually. You can convert this into a remote work opportunity later. It is an excellent opportunity even though it starts from working in the office but later turns into online jobs work from home.

 If you are good, there is a chance to become a full-time employee after the first two months. The basic requirement for the job is you need two to three years of retail industry experience and own a computer or laptop.

 The attraction of their office, which their employee boasts off, is the M&M dispenser. Share your experience working as a remote stylist if you had a chance to work remotely in the retail industry.

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As seen in this article, to be a stylist in the retail industry, you don’t need any professional qualifications or experience. Though some companies ask for experience, the main prerequisite is active interest in the fashion and styling industry. At the same time, you should be committed to working with dedication, especially if you are working as a remote stylist in strict accordance with the policies laid down by the company for such online jobs work from home in north.

You should keep in constant touch with the customers and the team members sitting in the head office because the only mode of communication is through virtual channels.

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