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How To Start A Content Writing Career in 6 Easy Steps?

The coronavirus pandemic has given various work from home jobs that anyone can do regardless of their work experience. Content writing is gaining immense popularity; you can write newspaper content or articles. Content is the primary factor in this digital era. Quality content and effective content marketing assist businesses to grow quickly and gain strong brand awareness. 

For this reason, the content writing scope is vast when we look at the ongoing digitalization and hard competition. If you want to become a content writer and earn a significant amount of money, you can take the help of this article and become a content writer by following the easy steps.

All people need to learn more about the job relevancy they are planning to get in. In 2021, there is an increased demand for content writers as various companies and industries are implementing digital world tactics. Becoming a content writer does not require any skills or degrees; you can start content writing at the comfort of your house.

Is It Worth Being A Content Writer In 2021?

Content writing is the best career option that will offer various opportunities and as the demand for content is growing in the digital market. In today’s time, you will see that there are countless full-fledged professions with firms that are dedicated specifically to providing content writing solutions to their clients. 

Content writing is amongst those online jobs that are yet to get publicity in India. Still, the market demand for a skilled content writer is increasing drastically, and soon enough, the industry will flourish to the highest level. Skilled content writers get priority calls from the top industries and organizations to work and help their businesses grow. The number of online parttime jobs for a content writer is increasing dramatically on the online jobs portals. 

Countless content writers are getting international clients and having a good time in their freelance business. Although getting international clients is not easy, if countless people are doing this job as a part-time job or as a full-time content writer, we can say that content writing has a good way ahead.

What Is Content Writing?

When we put it in simple terms, it is a play of words. If you can write content and put it across in those wordings that are reader-friendly, informative, and engaging, you can become a successful content writer.

Content is a term that refers to the use of words so that companies can convey things to others, whether it is about a business, a project, or an idea. For instance, a new fashion designing company with a brand new website wants to show its business, services, and expertise in the field. To do that, the company will need the help of a content writer to showcase the brand to the world.

Content writing services are the heart of marketing methods. Additionally to the digital content, content writers also help write billboards, print ads, brochures, etc.

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Types Of Content Writing

Content writing is a vast and diverse career option. There following types of content writing types:

Social Media Writing

More than 40 percent of the world’s population is on social media. There is a vast audience out there, along with various businesses expected to have social media presence on major platforms such as Twitter or Instagram, etc. Social media writing is the process of writing genuine and relevant, in touch, and platform-specific posts. Those who want to be social media writers will have to understand the quirks of every online space. For instance, a white paper about the products will do well on Twitter, but rather it could be a significant hit on LinkedIn.

Email Writing

Although it could be in the copywriting category, you must think about emails a little bit differently. The copywriting there is usually geared towards an audience who does not know about a specific brand and solutions that a company may be offering. With the help of emails, loyal and old customers will keep coming back to get more products from that specific brand. 

Blog Writing

The skill of a blog writer is to transform a complex topic into conversation. They can make engaging content that will do well on various platforms. Blogging is considered the primary content category that will help their clients get an SEO presence and provides businesses with a way to nurture the leads with a fresh source and consistent content.

SEO Content Writers

When we look at it from the digital marketing perspective, especially when it comes to SEO, content writing is the king of all kings. The role of an SEO writer will be to create raw and generic content for SEO purposes.

SEO writers can create error-free articles, meta tags, descriptions, and so on. They should optimize the content for the search engines such as Google and readers to easily understand the topic. They use bold headings, bullet points, small paragraphs, and subheadings. In SEO writing, a writer needs to include keywords to help the content be published to rank in the search engine.

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Report Writers

Numerous companies require reports that are based on extensive research for the seamless functioning of their operations. These types of content or articles are usually lengthy, and writers are supposed to have extensive knowledge in the industry they are working in. They are always updated regarding the latest trends and changes within an industry.

Become A Content Writer in Easy Steps

Becoming a content writer is not a difficult thing to achieve. You should follow the following steps.

Step 1: Pick A Niche

Various websites take the help of click-baiting and do not care about the content quality. Although you can work for them, the payment will be super low. To get a good grasp of these types of online jobs, you should choose one niche and become a pro in it. It will be better if you choose a niche in which you are passionate about and not get bored in the future.

You must pick the niche early as your writing style will play an essential role. Writing articles for the science niche will use a completely different tone than the usually DIY blogs. When starting with the desired niche, focus on developing your writing.

Step 2: Enhance Your Skills

Commonly, you won’t be an expert in your niche. If it is the case, you should sharpen your skills. The first and essential thing that writers can do to enhance their skill is to start reading. 

You should know the writing style other authors in your niche use and how well they structure their articles. You should see and inspect what makes them successful and implement those strategies in your articles.

Countless blogs on the internet will help you become a better content writer and tips that can help you improve your skills. 

Step 3: Write Samples

When becoming a freelancer and doing online jobs in India, when it is about becoming a content writer, you want your potential clients to see your writing style, your content structure, etc., for this reason. It is essential that you have written some samples so that you show them to your potential clients.

Take your time and at least write 3-5 high-quality articles in your preferred niche. Ensure that the articles you write are top-notched, well-researched, and show your expertise in your niche along with your style. It will help you to represent the skills and will be a vital asset in the application process. Building samples for these types of online jobs in North India can help you easily attain clients or even help you get international clients.

Step 4: Create a Portfolio Site

After writing your articles and samples, it is time that you choose a place where you can showcase them. The best thing you can do is build a website and upload your articles on the site. you should include the following on the website:

  • Contact details
  • Experience 
  • Education
  • Reasons for hiring you
  • References

It would be best if you tried to give that information to help you market your experience. If you don’t want to share it on a website, you can find other sites of the portfolio such as Behance, Crevado, Carbonmade; in these sites, you can easily display your experience in content writing.

Step 5: Get in Touch With Potential Clients

After following the above steps, now you will have cold callings. To find potential clients, invest time, and do good research. You may also find your clients through newspapers or magazines. This method can help you get long-term online jobs in South India at better rates than job boards.

Looking at Twitter and LinkedIn can also help you. Thinking outside the box is highly essential. Various manufacturers have a blog. To narrow down your search, you should think of products that may be connected to your niche and check them out—looking at the online forums and asking on websites such as Quora. 

When you get an email from your potential clients, your email must be on point. All types of emails need to be personalized, with no standard texts. You should research what type of articles your potential client publishes and the type of style they use.

Make sure your email is on point and does not involve unnecessary information. Instead, it should be about how your client can benefit from your services and expertise. Take your time for writing emails; do not do things fast. You should not expect your first email to be 100% successful; many content writers send 15-20 emails daily when starting their careers.

Step 6: Promote

After getting your client, you should not rest. You should ensure to promote the services as much as you can to get more online jobs. You can publish guest posts on blogs that are related to your niche. To get additional exposure, many writers also use Medium.

Joining a Facebook group can also help you. Many people are looking for freelancers and post their requirements on Facebook along with their contact numbers.

Start Your Successful Career as A Content Writer

As more and more companies are going online and building websites, and opting for digital marketing methods, the requirements of online jobs in content writing are growing exponentially and will keep on growing. Taking your time and doing thorough research can help you to extend your skills to perfection.

Where can you apply for the job?

There are various websites where you can apply for the content writing positions, such as:

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Internshala
  • Workex

On these sites, you can find various companies posting their vacancies for an expert content writer; you can contact them by sending your resume along with some samples you have written.

How Much Does A Content Writer Earn?

In content writing jobs, experience plays an essential role in determining the salary. An experienced content writer can earn up to 3.5 lakh per annum. And if you start to work with international clients, you will be able to earn more than that. A new and fresher content writer can earn about 2 lakh per annum.


Content writing is becoming a demanded job where people can work from home and earn a significant amount of money. Due to the pandemic surge, there are various great online jobs in India, and content writing is amongst them.


Q1. What Are The Charges Of Content Writers?

Ans: It is based on paisa per word (PPW). The general PPW for an article is 0.50 PPW. It can also vary from niche to niche.

Q2. What Are Keywords?

Ans: When it is about SEO writing, keywords are highly critical to have in articles. Without it, it will be challenging to rank in search engines.

Q3. How Do You Get Paid?

With the help of net banking, payment is no longer an issue. Writers get paid through internet banking.

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