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How To Start A Career In Website Developer in 5 Easy Steps?

In this digital world, technology now plays a highly essential role in our lives, from the simplest applications to the most ground breaking inventions. The web developer builds all of the websites and the software that we encounter. If you are not sure what web development is and it is a good option as a career. You can do this as a part time job or full-time web developer. It is the best WFH jobs part time that you can do.

This article will provide you with the basics of web development in detail and all the essential skills you will need to get into this industry. People should learn about the career they are willing to dive into. Today, the digital world has advanced so much that are various career part time jobs and career options to choose from. Amongst them, web development is also known in demand. If you are not sure about the career option and do not know it, this article will clear all your doubts and give extensive knowledge on how you can pursue this career.

What Is Web Development?

With so many available part-time jobs, web development is gaining lots of popularity. The process and efforts that are invested in creating a website are known as web development. It may apply to anything from a simple plain-text webpage to a large social network and web application.

The web development scope encompasses all associated development activities such as server-side, client-side scripting, network, and social security settings—content management system and E-commerce development in addition to web code and markup. 

The web development process includes building web pages and applications for the internet, private network, or intranet. Web development mainly focuses on programming and coding. It does not necessarily focus on the design of the website. It is the primary reason why the website functions and works. 

Web development also refers to developing and maintaining web pages, including bits and concept pieces such as web design, publishing, programming, and management of the database. It also includes various web content creation tools and techniques, such as a text editor for coding the websites manually. 

Is Web Development A Good Career Option?

There are various part-time jobs, but before hopping on a new career, we must consider the career option that we are choosing. We should think that the new sector we are trying to get into will offer us ample stability and opportunity. We should also consider the likelihood of getting hired after choosing the program.

After the events that have occurred in 2020, these questions and considerations are very important to ask. The covid surge has affected the job market significantly. The pandemic has slowed down the hiring process in various sectors. With that keeping in mind, let us look at the condition of the web development sector in 2021.

Due to the pandemic, there are now various WFH jobs part time, people are now benefitting from it by learning more relevant skills that are needed in this digital time.

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What Does A Web Developer Do?

The web developer’s role is to maintain and build websites. They can work in-house or freelance, and the task and responsibilities in web development depend on whether they are working as the back-end or as the front-end or full-stack web developer. Full-stack developers are those who have skills and knowledge in both the front and back ends. 

The responsibilities of the web developers are to meet both clients and their customers’ expectations and requirements.

They have to work with stakeholders, designers, and clients to understand the vision and how the website should work, function, and look.

A large part of web development also involves fixing and finding bugs and errors to optimize and enhance the website or system. The developers’ greatest skill is that they specialize in problem-solving and frequently develop solutions and methods to keep running the website smoothly.

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Steps of Becoming A Web Developer

To become a successful web developer, you will have to follow some of the steps. You should read the following to learn more about the essential steps of becoming a web developer.

Step 1: Learn Web Development Basics

The initial steps of mastering any type of part-time job are learning about the fundamentals of the job. The first step is to have a basic understanding of the common web development languages. Most of the dedicated web developers are now taking the help of coding boot camps to speed up the learning process.

The coding boot camps have thrived due to their immersive, short, focused outcomes and employment. The goal of web developers is to secure and develop the job and ready their skills as efficiently as possible, which makes it an increasingly worthwhile investment for would-be web developers. According to Indeed, 4 out of 5 companies in the US hired the graduate from a coding Bootcamp. Most people are now seeing the practical benefits of coding boot camps. Learning about Online part time jobs can increase the chances of securing the job.

The web development field naturally attracts people from other industries, and most of them are now making mid-career transitions. Before, there was a time when employers used to look at the education of the employees, but now they value the skills over education. It places anyone who can prove their abilities on equal footing with developers with a college degree.

Web development learners need to commit to ongoing learning to stay on top of the changes in programming and web development languages, tools, and trends.

Step 2: Choose Development Specialization

As you expand your skills, you will come to a place where you will have to select a specializing area. It is common for people not to know the types of web development, do not worry, we got you covered. You can choose the following field as a web developer, such as:

Front-End developer

They work on the side of the client to provide web development services. In other words, any site or application portion that the users interact with. It includes the design, layout, and how people interact with the site or application.

Back-End Developer

They work on the website’s server side. Their focus will be set on how the functions of the site work, such as servers, hosting, networks, etc. they are the ones who put their efforts behind the scenes so that the users do not have a hard time with the application or the website they work on.

Full-Stack Developer

The role of full-stack developers is that they specialize in both fields of software development. They are familiar with the back and front end of web development. They will handle both sides of how the application or site is looking and how it is functioning.

Step 3: Learn The Programming Languages

It does not matter on the type of web development type you choose, learning the programming languages are highly essential. There are varieties of web development languages. There are three programming languages from the basic tools that involve all aspects of web development. These three languages are:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Although there are more than these languages, this language should be your initial point. Because this field is big and vast, listing out all of the languages will not be sufficient, you should start with the basics web development languages. Another advantage of web development is that even if you are expert in one programming language, you can still be the best web developer. You can choose the one you like and concentrate on it till you become an expert.

Step 4: Build Projects as Skill Development

After having a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and having a base in programming skills, you will be ready to start building. As you work, you will attain more experience in using your web development skills. Some skills are technical or hard, such as programming in python, SQL, or using the jQuery library of functions so that you can do more programming more efficiently.

There are countless tools such as Git that help you with version control. As you grow your skills, you will come across countless new things that will help you grow your skills and expand your reach. At first, you will have a tough time using them, you will get better at using them as time passes.

There are some web designing skills that you should know of because they are useful for web development. Knowing responsive design is highly essential. Even though developers are not assigned with the website’s overall design, it is still an advantage to have. For the front-end developers who usually have to work with the user interface, having good design knowledge can help them become more successful.

Step 5: Build a Portfolio

A portfolio should show off your significant skills as your best tool when you apply for the job. You should vary at some point when building your portfolio.

  • Initially, you should keep in mind that the portfolio should have diverse web development selections. You should not use each project, and your portfolio should be the highlight that shows your skills and versatility. Be selective and ensure to highlight the best work while being diverse enough to demonstrate that you have the understanding for various positions. Do a little research before applying for the job as it will help you to build a better portfolio.
  • You should then think about what makes you and your skills different from others. You should emphasize the skills you have that will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants. For example, if you apply for the design-associated role, ensure that the portfolio has the best front end, such as the best user experience with a seamless interface. When applying for the back end, ensure that your portfolio has the best website without any messy coding.
  • You should also show your process. Managers look for quality work, but they also look for those who can handle and come out with the best solutions for the problems. Showing the work background, such as how your website was created, will help employers understand your work.

Web Development is amongst the best WFH jobs part time that you can do by following all the above-mentioned steps.

Web Development Services is a Way To Success

As companies are going online, businesses are looking for knowledgeable and reliable web developers. Working with those who are professional in their work can help you to develop your skills. It is better that you start with small companies so that you can build a strong portfolio. It will help you to make your way to the big companies.

Where can you apply for the job?

You can apply for North India part-time jobs via various sites and applications such as:

  • Internshala
  • Indeed
  • Workex

These websites can help you to get jobs where everyone can apply. Companies of all sizes post their vacancies on these sites. You can also search for part-time jobs for web development and find the workspace in your city or other cities.

Earning of a Web Developer

Those who are starting their career as web developers with little to no experience can earn around 3,00,000 INR per annum, including bonuses and other perks.

An experienced back-end developer earns a compensation of 3,80,000 INR per year. As your experience level goes up, you will earn an extra 4%, and there are chances of earning more than that as you gain more experience.


It is better than an individual who has enough knowledge and is active in the web development community to increase job opportunities. A required knowledge, skills, and portfolio can help you make a successful career in web development. All of the part time jobs west India require some knowledge so that you can easily secure the position. Many people have started their successful careers with the help of WFH jobs part time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are domain names?

Ans: For the internet infrastructure, domain names are the key component. It offers a readable address for any web server that is on the internet.

Q2. What is a web server?

Ans: It refers to the software and hardware that serves the website to clients across the web.

Q3. What is a URL?

With HTTP, URL is a concept when it is about the internet. Browsers use this mechanism for retrieving any published resource on the web.

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