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How To Start A Career In Digital Marketing In 7 Easy Steps?

Digital Marketing Replacing Old Publicity Ideas

Publicity is the main asset for any business that is having a direct relationship with the public. Without publicity, businesspersons cannot achieve success. For example, if you introduce a new product into the market without bringing awareness to the public that you are selling the product, how public will you understand that you are selling the product they require?

Just imagine the business without any publicity. Will it move a step further? No. So, in business, publicity plays a significant role in attracting customers. Days are changed, and giving advertisements in newspapers became an old and routine idea.

A small Vacuum came into the publicity business due to the routine ideas. That is being filled with a new digital marketing trend, which is attracting a specific target audience properly and perfectly as it is the cheapest and best source of communication media to the public.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Showed A New Path To Small Businesses

Every businessperson will not know the techniques in using digital marketing perfectly. One must have the complete knowledge of how to attract customers with the help of social media, blogs, websites, videos wherever possible to promote the products by taking surveys from different sections of people and bringing changes in the product after taking their valuable feedback.

A new form of marketing era began with the help of digital marketing. So, everyone cannot be perfect in using social media properly. To cater to the business requirements, experts can bring a change in publicity business with their latest ideas.

social media marketing
social media marketing

A digital marketing agency will have the experts’ team trained professionally in interacting with customers by using various techniques like SEO, Content marketing, Survey marketing, social media marketing, Search engine marketing. Email marketing.

Steps To Achieve Success In Digital Marketing

To start a career in digital marketing, one must have deep knowledge of various aspects as degrees are not required for this marketing. Only communication and deep knowledge of the following steps will make us success in this field.

1. Must Have Own Website

Websites play a key role in attracting others as one cannot explain everything in detail to everyone. A website speaks on behalf of us. If we describe everything in detail about the services we offer, freshers can explain their projects in detail with images they did during practicals. Images will grab attention easily.

The basic idea behind this step is to say that we have specialization in specific areas like SEO, Video Marketing, Mobile marketing, or social media marketing.

One must know which area we are specialized in, as companies and clients look for specific areas to increase their business. So, the website is needed to give a brief SEO understanding of our services and the quality of the previous works in the form of videos, images, and descriptions.

These will help build an image that this person will be best for their business or the company.

2. Choosing The Correct Platform To Communicate With The Audience

One must know distinct types of digital marketing platforms. These help the freshers understand the basic requirements of the business and how to attract potential clients with the powerful weapon of digital marketing, which we are specialized in.

These may include SEO, Content marketing, Online Job Ads, Email marketing, and so on. Let us go into detail about some of these marketing techniques.

3. Using Search Engine Optimization At The Best

This is a powerful tool both for freshers and experienced. Getting a good rank in search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google will help us get noticed by the clients easily. Using simple tools to increase the traffic to the website will give superior results without spending an amount.

These include creating a website with good designs and proper images with descriptions, spending time designing the website, and promoting it on Facebook, Twitter, posting videos on YouTube, and displaying ads in the video format on LinkedIn, Instagram.

These give the promotion of the website up to some extent, and you must do remaining work on your own like increasing the traffic by using specific keywords, identifying UX signals, building a strong network, and promoting the website is the key role of this SEO.


Though it may look simpler, it takes some time to give traffic to your website. So, one must be patient enough and concentrate on making changes to the website using SEO tools, as many tools are available on the web. These experiments will help us to understand SEO properly, and the major advantage lies in the fact that it is free of cost.

4. Learning New Things And Trying To Implement Them

Learning will make every person sharper and powerful. Likewise, in digital marketing, one must know how to use this platform correctly. For example, email marketing deals with sending emails to clients describing the services and how your services will make the audience think and change their decision to buy the product.

email marketing

Leads are important for any business, and one must know how to attract customers with amazingly simple words. Email marketers need to convince the customers with words and make them potential and regular buyers of the specific product.

Posting videos on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will make our work noticed by others, and this helps to bring traffic to the website easily. But posting the videos is not enough as the majority will not sit on social media only to watch videos.

So, one can use YouTube to promote the website by posting tutorials about the services they offer and the name of the website, and the description of their services, which will attract the viewers.

5. Using Digital Marketing Tools Perfectly To Attract The Viewers

1. Google Analytics

If you own a website, you need to have complete knowledge about the number of visitors visiting your website. You must know how to attract viewers.

For this, you must know about the viewers’ interests and what they are searching for on your website. So, one must know how to use the Google Analytics tool to bring glory to your website with visitors.

2. Google Search Console

This tool helps us understand the keywords that link to the website and the keywords the viewers are typing. It is a free tool useful to freshers to understand the role of keywords that link to the website and how to improve web traffic to the website with simple keyword research.

These tools help the digital marketer promote the website perfectly, and these tools help build a strong website that will not only attract clients but also helps to do freelancing work in digital marketing.

6. Building A Strong Network In Social Media

Networking is not as easy as we think. We need to interact with others convincingly. Our speaking and listening skills will help us to build up a strong network effect.

Digital marketing requires a strong network as customers will come only due to mouth publicity. The following points are important for every digital marketer to build up a strong network.


A. Posting Videos On Social Media

Digital marketing requires a target audience. So, we can post videos on Facebook, Linked In related to the services which we offer. Interact with everyone who is commenting on the videos and be sportive if you get negative comments.


Some will be interested in interacting while others may not. So, try to find what made them feel nice about the video. It will help us to understand how we can target customers with video marketing.

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B. Try To Attract Others With Your Work

Some fresher people may require help and look for correct persons on social media. Always be ready to help if they need help in the area in which you are specialized. It will not only create a good network, but also you can promote your work with simple help.

It is important for getting projects from the clients, as a strong community will be developed when you help others. In this process, you can catch up on getting a good project if you are researching the network properly, as the network will help to get noticed easily.

7. Doing Freelancing Work

Even if you are a regular employee, focus on freelancing a lot. This will help you understand the work deeply and earn extra money. Doing freelancing work will help get new clients and new projects. This will help the external world notice your skills, and you can easily understand SEO techniques, as practicing these skills will help bring traffic to the website.

These techniques help to build websites that will grab the attention of the readers with simple SEO tools.

Following these techniques will help the freshers get digital marketing part time jobs easily, as these jobs are providing a new path to freshers to stand on their own by starting a new business after getting adequate experience.

Importance Of Digital Marketing Strategy

Business requires some support to make it successful. Small business owners cannot afford to spend enormous amounts of money for publicity only as they need to look after the maintenance of productivity, and they rely on newspapers and billboards.

But days have changed, and a new strategy is developed to meet the needs of small businesses. This strategy is helping every businessperson to achieve success with simple steps. This strategy is known as the digital marketing strategy. Now, let us go step by step about what is digital marketing strategy and how it works?

For example, if you want to launch a product, you must know who is interested in buying such products and their thoughts about the changes that must be made to the product. So, you need to know who will be interested and how long will they stay with the product?

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For this reason, you must adopt step-by-step procedures to achieve success in the business by keeping potential customers retained with the product. These step-by-step procedures are explained with the digital marketing strategy, which will explain in detail the marketing procedures which must be followed in the web world with the help of some marketing channels. So, one must know how to do digital marketing properly and easily. These steps are like a pillar to the business.

1. Must Know Whom You Need To Target

Small business owners need to follow this step carefully, as it will help build customers’ confidence in the product. One must know whom you are targeting and how to approach the audience.

Based on the location, age, income, interests in the various brands already available in the market, one can create a sheet of a buyer persona. It will help to understand the business requirements in that specific area.

2. Knowing How To Achieve Goals Easily

Goals must be kept to every business, as they will help to achieve success without getting relaxed. These goals must be short, and long-term goals.

Focusing on the regular customers and trying to get new customers with the help of regular buyers is the best choice for any business.

Focusing on the needs of the customers will bring a good name to the business. Every business will have goals, and these goals must be achievable. It will help the business to grow stronger with a respectable number of potential customers.

3. Knowing How Your Campaign Is Working

Digital marketing strategies must be checked thoroughly every time, as every campaign you are doing on the internet requires changes, as the customer’s mindset changes from time to time.

Earned media: It is free publicity which your business gets due to the articles, reviews on the internet. No need to pay a single rupee for this publicity. It is useful for startups and small businesses to attract new customers.

By checking this area, one can get new customers without any extra effort. One can change the business management to meet the needs of the customers.

Own media: It is the media a business owns. It includes blogs, social media profiles, and websites.

One can check this area by interacting with active social media participants, distinct types of people whom you come across in the business, and interviewing them and taking suggestions from them, making changes to the blog regularly. These help to understand the business requirements thoroughly.

Paid media: As the name suggests, we need to pay the amount to give publicity to the business. Pay-per-click, social media advertisements come under this category.

We need to check this area, as every rupee we are spending in the business is important and needs to be returned by customers. After getting success in the business, this will be the best platform to get new clients as large deals will be closed with this media. Businesspersons entering into this platform must have a strong grip on the techniques to increase the business.

Other Strategies Include:

  • Creating your own website
  • Doing keyword research
  • Following SEO practices
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Pay-per-click

These steps will give a detailed analysis of how to do digital marketing to attract new clients, as described by Philip Kotler, the father of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Services Showing A Way To Success

Every businessperson doesn’t know how to communicate with the clients properly. So, one can opt for digital marketing services without any fear, as they work on behalf of you and reduce your burden. They will have professionals who will specialize in social media research, research the business thoroughly, SEO, content marketing, and mainly focus on customer relationship engagement. These will provide good customer support to the business, and the main principle of the business must be, “Even if you fall, you must grow again.”

Numerous Opportunities For Freshers

In metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, we have numerous digital marketing jobs. Many startups are hiring talented candidates who are having specializations in various fields of digital marketing.

Many digital marketers who are doing part time jobs in digital marketing are doing the job, learning the new courses, and standing in their own business after getting good experience.

What Are The Websites Where You Can Apply?

One can apply for part-time jobs in Workex, Internshala,, Timesjobs as these websites provide various opportunities in this profession that companies are uploading.

One can google part-time job digital marketing to find the opportunities in various cities and choose the best opportunity that will help them learn new strategies.

How Much Can One Earn?

Freshers can earn a minimum of 8000 to 10000 rupees by spending 3 to 4 hours of their valuable time. Experienced people can earn a minimum of 20000 rupees by spending 3 to 4 hours of time. For example, digital marketers who are doing digital marketing jobs in Delhi earn more than 50000 rupees per month by doing multiple freelancing works, making them noticeable to the external world. So, one can try doing freelancing work to stand in this profession.


Finally, this profession will be like an ocean for talented digital marketing specialists. They can earn as much as they want, along with learning new things.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are There Any Courses For Digital Marketing?

Answer: Yes, one can opt for digital marketing as the major course available in BBA, BMS, and for PG level MBA in digital marketing plays an important role in getting jobs in reputed companies.

2. How Will A New Business Get Clients With The Help Of Digital Marketing?

Answer: Any newly started business requires some knowledge of the customers’ requirements and their interests. So, to know these basic things, one must know how to interact with the targeted customers. But any business person can’t do these things alone. So, digital marketing specialists are needed for every business, as they know how to interact with the public.

3. Can We Get Noticed By The Large Companies If We Do Freelance Work In This Field?

Answer: Yes, by doing freelancing, we will gain experience, along with a good amount after completing the project. We can get noticed by the companies if we have skills in this profession. You will develop skills only with learning, and this is possible if we are having a good number of projects with us.

To build confidence levels in the fresher, we provide the following opportunities in this profession, which will help grab an internship or job.

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