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How To Start A Career In Digital Marketing In 10 Easy Steps?

As more and more business executives are doing their business online, making a solid customer base is necessary. To achieve this, business organizations hire reliable, skilled, and qualified digital marketers.

Deciding to make your career in digital marketing is one of your best decisions. In this modern age of technology, digital marketing plays an essential role in bringing success. A career in digital marketing opens doors to many part time work from home jobs in Kolkata and other states.

Even though there are not many reliable courses for digital marketing, with a few years of practice and experience, you can quickly master the digital marketing technique. However, if you wish to get some prior knowledge regarding digital marketing, there are many certificate courses in digital marketing.

Is Digital Marketing A Good Career?

Yes, without a doubt, digital marketing is a great career choice for everyone. Nowadays, everything is digital; thus, many people are lessening their investment in traditional marketing channels.

To increase the visibility of their product among the masses, business executives need good marketing strategies. To achieve the goal, many recruiters are constantly looking for digital marketing. Such demand opens doors to new part time jobs in the market as you don’t have to be always physically present at the location.

Salary In Digital Marketing

By investing four to five hours of your day, you can earn around 10000-12000, and later, after a few years of experience, you can earn up to 20000-25000. If you are working as a freelancer, some companies pay digital marketers as per hour also. Usually, the price per hour in digital marketing starts from 300-500, and the rest depends on the company.

Start A Career In Digital Marketing In 10 Easy Steps

To make a successful career in any line, you should have some basic knowledge to get part time work from home jobs in Kolkata. Here we have mentioned the 10 easy steps to make a successful career in digital marketing.

1. Learn The Basics Of Digital Marketing

For every beginner, to make a career in any field, it is essential to have basic knowledge. Thus, in the first step towards making a career in digital marketing, it is necessary to understand the basics of digital marketing.

In simple language, digital marketing is the process of marketing on the internet. There are various components in digital marketing that cover all the areas of online promotion. Knowledge of all these channels opens doors to new part time jobs in the industry.

The channels of digital marketing are:

Anyone who works in digital marketing should have the required knowledge and skills to work with all the above channels.

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2. Build Your Website

Building your website and experimenting with it will give you a clear picture of search engines’ ethics, algorithms, and data. Please understand that digital marketing is not a theoretical concept. One needs to have the required industrial knowledge for digital marketing. Memorizing SEO and social media marketing concepts is not enough until you know the different application techniques. Many part time work from home jobs in Kolkata demand industrial knowledge of digital marketing and its channels.

Setting up your website will provide you with the industrial knowledge of digital marketing. Moreover, you can add this into your portfolio to get more and more offers from big firms. Whenever a company hires an employee, they don’t just look for certifications but also industrial knowledge. Having a website increases the chances of getting a higher-paying job.

3. Become An SEO Expert

Keep in mind; you cannot pursue a career in digital marketing without having adequate knowledge of search engine optimization, i.e., SEO. It will help if you become an SEO expert before learning about other channels of digital marketing. SEO knowledge also offers many online part time jobs in different states and countries.

With adequate SEO knowledge, you’ll learn how to create both users and search engines friendly websites. Moreover, it would help if you had the necessary information on Google Ads and Facebook paid campaigns. With time, you’ll become a master in SEO and later on in digital marketing.


4. Get Certification In Google Ads

Besides SEO, one of your responsibilities working in digital marketing is understanding and working with Google Ads. Google Ads helps in promoting or services in the numerous Google properties and websites on the internet.

To increase the chances of getting a better-paying job, you should acquire the necessary skills through Google Ads certification. Through Google Ads certification, you can get many part time content writing jobs in Kolkata and other states.

5. Master Facebook Ads Advertising

After SEO, your next step should be learning about social media marketing, in particular Facebook Ads. Besides Facebook Ads, one should also learn about marketing on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linked In, etc. However, the majority of the companies invest their time and money on Facebook and Instagram marketing.

Nowadays, Instagram and Facebook are the biggest social media platforms, and they are essential tools in any digital marketing campaign. If you already have the necessary knowledge of SEO and Google Ads, then learning about Facebook Ads is difficult. With Facebook Ads knowledge, you can go for numerous new part time jobs.

Most of the Facebook Ads concepts are similar to PPC; however, you still need to learn the usage of the tools and yourself with the various Facebook policies.

6. Become An Expert In Google Analytics

As learning the different tools is necessary to generate traffic, it is also necessary to know about analytics. One needs to know about how many people viewed the company’s campaigns, how many people clicked on your ads, or how many conversions the Ads generated, and about other metrics that cover every aspect of a campaign. With good analytical knowledge, you can get numerous part time work from home jobs in Kolkata.

If you need to make an informed decision based on accurate data, you need to know how to measure the campaign’s efficiency and analyze the results.

7. Get A Freelancing Job In Digital Marketing

The next step to making a successful digital marketing career is getting a real digital marketing job.  After creating your website to practice the problematic marketing techniques, the next step is to work for a client.

Handling a client will help you set up the procedures, improve your analytics and report skills. While handling the clients, you’ll also get to handle budgets as well as manage client communication. There are numerous new part time jobs in digital marketing.

8. Get A Real Internship

Besides getting a freelancing job, another way to grow your skills and experience in digital marketing is to get an internship. First internships are crucial to getting all the necessary workplace knowledge and skills. Under the leadership of a skilled boss, you’ll learn all the tricks and techniques of digital marketing. While working for a client, you also learn to handle clients and achieve the task in the given time.

9. Keep Yourself Informed Of New Updates

To work in digital marketing, one needs to be up to date with all the changes in the industry. Get all types of part time jobs in North India and other states. Google changes its algorithms and data every few months and sometimes weeks. Other than Google, Facebook is also constantly changing its algorithms. Therefore, once you decide to make a career in digital marketing, you need to keep yourself updated with the constant changes in Google, Facebook, and other necessary platforms.

10. Learn The Usage Of Digital Marketing Tools

Besides learning about Google or Facebook analytics usage, one also needs to understand the other necessary digital marketing tools. The only way to evaluate your work and check your progress is through completing multiple projects using digital marketing tools. Moreover, using these tools also offers a plethora of new part time jobs to earn extra money.

With a good understanding of the tools, you’ll be able to work with other digital marketing channels. There are numerous tools available on the internet that help you to make a significant change in your career.

Digital Marketing Services Showing A Way To Success

Most of the business executives avoid talking with the clients after finishing the deal. Once you opt for digital marketing, you stay in direct touch with the client as you work on behalf of the business. With more and more interaction with the client, you get more experience and skills to handle even the most challenging task. Once you get the required experience and skills, you can search for part time work from home jobs in Kolkata or whichever state you prefer. Social media research, SEO, content marketing, and other digital marketing channels create a more substantial customer base and a healthy relationship engagement

Digital Marketing Latest Trends 2021

Numerous Opportunities For Freshers

We have numerous digital marketing jobs in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. Most startups are looking for talented candidates who have specializations in various fields of digital marketing.

Most of the digital marketers are doing part time jobs in digital marketing. Moreover, they are also learning new courses and starting their own business after getting some good experience in the field. In this modern age, there are a plethora of new part time jobs for freshers in digital marketing. Doing a part-time job along with a full-time job brings some extra money into your pocket.

What Are The Websites Where You Can Apply?

With everything coming online, one can easily apply for a job in many online job searching portals. Some of the best, reliable and trustworthy websites for genuine jobs are:

  • Intershala
  • Workindia
  • LinkedIn
  • Timesjobs
  • Monster India
  • Indeed
  • Shine

Creating an account is very easy as well as uploading your resume. Most of the recruiters give you a response within a day.

With a full-time job, you can also opt for a less hour demanding part time job to take your career to new heights. You can easily google for good part time work from home jobs in Kolkata and whichever state or country you prefer. Choose the best opportunity that will help you to grow in your career.


In the end, it is safe to say that making a successful career in digital marketing is easy. Once a person gets all the necessary education, skills, and experience, he/she can quickly become a digital marketing specialist. One can earn a pretty good amount, along with learning new things and living a happy life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are There Any Courses For Digital Marketing?

Answer: Yes, one can opt for digital marketing as the major course available in BBA, BMS, and PG level MBA in digital marketing. With a good education degree or certificate, you can easily apply for new part time jobs in the digital marketing industry.

2. How Will A New Business Get Clients With The Help Of Digital Marketing?

Answer: No one can start a business without getting the necessary information about their target audience. One needs to know the customer’s interests and requirements before stepping into the business world. However, a single person cannot handle all the necessary things alone. They need someone to handle some of the business’s critical tasks, especially those related to the customers. That’s when the digital marketing specialists enter. Every business needs a skilled and qualified digital marketing specialist to interact with the public to grow.

3. Can We Get Noticed By The Large Companies If We Do Freelance Work In This Field?

Answer: yes, there is a plethora of part time work from home jobs in Kolkata and other states in India that pays a good amount after completing the project. With top-quality skills, many big companies can notice you in this profession.

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