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How To Start A Career In App Development In 7 Easy Steps?

If you are looking for a job in demand and will always be in demand, you should become a mobile app developer. The mobile app sector is huge and will become vast in the coming years. With this growth, we can safely say that this market is highly profitable.

In today’s time, we all use applications on our mobile devices daily. From language learning, calorie-tracking, navigating, messaging, etc. With the increase in the utilization of mobile applications, mobile development is becoming more and more relevant.

There are various and countless applications that are being released each day for various purposes such as entertainment, business, education, health and fashion, and more. Talented app developers who can build user-friendly applications are highly sought after. They are well-paid and respected in their field.

If you’re interested in Mobile App development, we are here to help you and tell you all about the process of becoming a mobile app developer in easy steps. It is amongst the best online jobs for students that you can do by becoming a mobile app developer. 

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What is Mobile App Development?

As the name suggests, it is the process of making mobile applications. Although as easy as it may sound, the process does require some skills. The process includes writing software for mobile devices. It is a unique skill that will give you the ability to build an application from the start in a short time.

Mobile developers enhance their skills based on the OS they are operating on. There are two categories in which mobile developers choose, such as Google’s OS and Apple’s iOS. Some applications may exist when people buy a new phone, but they make a small fraction of the total market. 

Various app developers start with one platform and move to another as they improve their skills. If you can work in both mobile app development platforms, it will make you more competitive in the market of mobile app developers. Covid has made various online jobs opportunities for people who are not able to go to the office for any reason.

Should You Become A Mobile App Developer?

With the growing demands of people across the globe for the best and easy-to-use applications. There is a huge demand for professional and efficient mobile app developers to make an application with the best user interface. In addition, with the surge of Coronavirus, there has been a need for applications and software that will help with the social distancing movement.

Covid has taken various job opportunities from people and has provided various opportunities by making a need for innovation. According to the research, the demand for mobile app developers has increased dramatically and will keep on increasing in the coming years.

Another benefit of this career is that you will not necessarily have to go to a workspace. Work from home has made it very easy for people to earn a significant amount while sitting in their homes. Mobile app development is the best career choice that you can make. You will need experience in this field before you can start your career. The demand makes it amongst the best online part time jobs you will witness.

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Roles And Responsibilities Of A Mobile App Developer

He/She is responsible for creating designs, developing, and adding updates to mobile applications, whether for Android or iOS. They will work with a user experience designer to ensure that the design is according to the users’ needs. By working together, they will make mockups for the applications. Now they can fulfill their role with the help of work from home.

Types Of Mobile App Development

As we mentioned earlier, there are two types of mobile app development categories, such as:

  • Android Developer: Android is the most popular OS globally; Android developers make applications that will run on Android devices. Many people also do this job by working from home; there are now various online jobs for housewives, and app development is amongst them.
  • IOS Developer: They are responsible for building, testing, and updating the applications on the iOS operating systems. They use Xcode for iOS app development. It is a development environment. There is another thing known as Swift. It is the primary iOS programming language that developers use for building applications. They design applications from iOS devices from scratch.

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Steps Of Becoming A Mobile App Developer

The IT industry is on the rise and on the verge of evolution. When launching a career as a mobile app developer, there are various entry points. We will now go through the steps that will help you to become a mobile app developer.

Step 1: Learn Coding

It is the initial step that you should take on your journey to becoming a mobile app developer. Nowadays, there are learning options that you can find online and learn the basics of advanced coding for development. 

A general coding Boot camp usually lasts for 3-9 months. During that period, you will get to know all the essential bits and tips that will help you launch your career as a mobile app developer. In addition, you can learn coding online as various online jobs will teach you the coding essentials.

Step 2: Choose Your Platforms

We know that there are two platforms on which mobile app developers work, although you can choose one and go to another, for starting, it is better that you take it slow and choose one platform and enhance your skill to the extent you will be regarded as a pro in that field.

If we talk about reach, Android comprises the most significant global market share. Both iOS and Android have an extensive market rate globally. However, iOS is an attractive choice for those who are early adopters and are highly into technology. The difference lies in the programming language. It is the best work from home job in which you can earn a significant amount of money.

Coding for Android is usually executed using Java, and for the iOS operating system, it is done either objective-C or swift. If you know about Java, it is wise that you choose an Android platform for starting. If you have experience in C or C+ or any other C languages, it will be better for you to choose iOS as you will find it easy to work on iOS because you will not have to learn a new coding language. Moreover, learning coding can provide you with various online job opportunities in which you can make a good amount of money.

Step 3: Use App Builders

You can make applications quickly without spending money. You can use it for building money-making applications for other companies and businesses. For using app builders, you do not need any coding skills as there will be various templates to work on.

It does not matter that type of industry you will venture into. You can also build and design the template from scratch work on the existing to learn the learning process. You do not have to rely on these because they are here to help with the learning process. App Builders can help you get the work from home in north India job in mobile app development because it can help you to have more idea on the type of projects you will have to work on.

You will still need the knowledge of the coding languages as it is in demand for experienced coders. However, App builders can help you get a basic understanding of how mobile app development works, and you will have an idea of what you will be working on and help you learn mobile coding easily.

Step 4: Use Coding And App Builders Together

To become an experienced and professional mobile app developer, you should now combine the coding skills you learned and use app builders’ options. You can use software development kits online to start the coding part. With this kit, you can make an application all by yourself. 

Step 5: Practice

You should repeat the app development process several times again and again. Although it is a meticulous and boring process, it will help you in the long run.

You can also find app development services that will use your knowledge. It will help you keep practicing and expanding your knowledge while being paid what you already know about.

You can do the following to enhance the learning process:

1. Develop An App Idea

If you have an app idea in mind, you should start developing it. Then, you can look at the other applications in the market and try to build a prototype.

The ideal development process is to look for a problem that most people face in their daily lives and put them on a sheet. Then, try to figure out how your application can resolve the problem.

2. Detail The Application On A Paper

It can help you understand how users will go through your application, and you will also come up with other features that can help you build an exemplary user interface design.

3. Test The App

After completing the development part, it is now time to test the application and see any bugs within the application. If there are bugs, you should change the coding and see whether you have entered the accurate information.

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Step 6: Develop Soft Skills

You will have to acquire the soft skills for becoming a successful app developer, such as:

1. Problem Solving

Job recruiters are looking for someone who can solve problems efficiently. It entails thinking outside the box, developing problem-solving ideas, and figuring out solutions with the help of codings. You should fix the problem within the existing code. You should know what changes to make to an application so that you can meet new specifications.

2. Attention To Details

In coding, details highly matter. Every detail that you will enter will affect the output program. One wrong typo can cause the application to crash or not work properly. Check the codes carefully.

3. Teamwork

When you start your career as a mobile developer, you will have to work with teams. Therefore, you should be responsive and collaborative with other people.

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Step 7: Build Your Portfolio

A good portfolio is an integral part that every app developer jobs should have. It will show your experience level. It would help if you began to work on your portfolio right after developing your first application.

A good portfolio can help you get a high-paying job in a reputed company as they will look for your previous projects to see whether you are a good fit for their company.

To build your portfolio, you can join as an intern or work for a company that is currently paying you less than the average market price because you will work with other people. In addition, it can help you to learn more and create a good portfolio that you can show to a reputable company.

Success Lies In Mobile App Development

As more and more people’s demands grow, companies are also increasing their search for knowledgeable and innovative mobile app developers. Working with professionals in their field can also help you develop and hone your skills to perfection. Starting with a small company can help you build a strong portfolio and make your way into big companies.

Where Can You Apply For The Job?

There are various websites where companies drop their vacancies. You can get the job through:

Companies of all sizes post vacancies on these websites, and you can search for the job title you are experienced in.

Earning Of Mobile App Developer

As per the studies, the average pay of an Android developer is 3,77,000 INR per year. And an experienced iOS developer can earn up to 6 Lakhs per year. However, as your experience increases and you develop your skills, there are very high chances that you will earn more than the stated amount.


It is a good career choice, and it is now in demand. A good and well-built portfolio can help you increase job opportunities and create a successful career in mobile app development. If you are looking for a app development work from home job, mobile app development is the best career choice that you can choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you build a mobile browser app?

Ans: Yes, you can. You can build powerful mobile browser applications with the latest technology known as PWA.

Q2. Can you build a mobile app in a month?

Ans: Building mobile applications is a complicated process. The time frame of building an application varies from the project.

Q3. Is it easy to learn to code?

Ans: Yes, as complicated it may sound, learning to code is an easy process; all you need to do is invest your time, and you will learn it in no time.

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