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How To Earn Additional Funds As An Interior Designer?

If you have a lot of zeal, and you love designing, and have expertise in your work, then interior designing is the career for you. It is an interesting career choice for someone passionate about interior designing as this career path has high demand, which is why there is big earning potential if you are in the interior designing field.

Whether you work for some company in the interior designing department or do independent practicing, you can get various ways by which you can earn very well in this field, know the ways and means for earning extra cash. In this article, we will see how lucrative the career option would be as full time jobs earning potential.

Making extra cash in the interior designing field

  1. Earning additional moolah in the position you are working at present.
  • Doing freelance interior designing
  • Network more by letting people see that you have started freelance interior designing
  • Approximately calculate your earnings.
  • Create a portal for yourself to build your online presence

2. Make most of your capacity to make money.

  • Have equilibrium between the volume and quality of work simultaneously.
  • Try to offer more service than making false promises. Don’t limit yourself as if you are doing full time jobs.
  • Club the current trends, your skills, and what clients want together cohesively.

3. Create a new blog on the topic of Interior Designing

  • Publish display advertisements
  • Engage in Affiliate Marketing tactics
  • Build a lucrative business

4. Get More Money As An Interior Designer

  • It is easy for a new freelancer to start with
  • You don’t need any start-up costs to start your business as an interior designer.
  • If you are good, you can rise easily
  • There is a lot of scopes to earn good money
  • Final Review

Earning More Money as an Interior Designer

Before we discuss this topic further, let us talk about the two different avenues for earning extra hard cash. One avenue is how to earn along with what you are doing in the present position doing full and online part time jobs, and then develop it further; however, selecting any one of the options or selecting both lies completely in your hands.

Earning Additional Moolah In The Position You Are Working At Present

The basic method for boosting the earnings lies in concentrating on what you are doing currently. Focus on your present role is possible in every career path, whether you are a stylist, an artist who is into making tattoos.

It is easy, especially for people who are into interior designing, to take up additional work irrespective of whether they are working with any company or doing freelancing work. They can easily take on more workload unlike in the full time jobs interior designer.

If you look to grab extra business in this field, you must increase your networking by spreading the word that you have started taking up interior designing jobs as a freelancer. Getting more practical exposure, you will get more hands-on experiences, making you more confident; as your confidence rises, it is time for you to climb the ladder, ultimately increasing your earnings as well.

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Doing Freelance Interior Designing

Although any organization still employs you, you still have a chance to take up interior designing work as an independent interior designer. But for getting jobs as an independent designer, you need to promote yourself through an online or offline medium which is not necessary to do when you are into online full time jobs. For online advertising, you can register yourself on freelance sites like Craigslist, or if you have your own website, you can promote yourself there. Another medium of getting work is mouth publicity; your satisfied clients can spread the word about you.

In freelancing, you have the liberty to work as much as you want, and you can choose your jobs. You have better control over your work, but the only drawback is if you are also working somewhere as full time employees. Check your company’s bye-law as many of them don’t allow employees to freelance, offering the same kind of service. So if you are into full time jobs, you need to be careful before taking any step.

Do More Networking And Letting People Know That You Are Doing Freelance Interior Designing

Your being an Interior designer depends highly on your goodwill in the market and how well you have marketed yourself. You need to highlight your work and convince the prospects that you are good and hiring you won’t waste their money.

Since this work is about visual appeal, it is easier with interior design than many other fields. You can showcase your work on Pinterest and Facebook, whether it is your completed projects or some tips to attract more clients and have a wider reach. You can’t showcase your talent on social media platforms if you are looking for full time jobs for Delhi.

Ensure hiring a good photographer who can present your work accurately yet visually appealing ways to make a huge impact and attract more clients.

Doing Freelance Interior Designing with social media

Don’t Forget About Instagram!

When you promote yourself on social media, you may want to find a niche for yourself. What are you good at? What is your expertise? Publish your best work forward on different social media handles to target a specific group, attract a niche instead of a wide audience.

However, such marketing techniques can work easily if you are a freelancer or working for your enterprise. Even if you are working with a company in full time jobs, you need to improve your goodwill in the market and generate a consistent result.

It may not always work out the way you think, but if you just focus on improving your skills, your earnings will naturally grow in ways you wished. This growth may be in the form of more work, promotion, or raise or more opportunities in other companies.

Approximately Calculate How Much You Can Make

When working as a freelancer, your net profit is equal to your gross income, less the costs. Let us check some steps by which you can earn more money in this field

  • Use less costly material
  • Put a higher value for the material
  • You can charge a higher rate per hour of your service
  • Offer more services that you wouldn’t if you are doing full time jobs

You can start delegating work to other people; you can hire a full time candidate or enter into a contract with a candidate on a project basis. The advantage of outsourcing your work to others will take some burden off your shoulders.

Interior Designing Approximately Calculate

And give you more time to engage in more important tasks like getting involved in the business strategy you have to do yourself and can’t delegate this to anyone else.

Calculating the man-hours of the people who are working for you plus the cost of your man-hours that you have put in you can generate good earnings for you. When you are in full time jobs, you don’t bother to calculate your efforts in such a manner.

Consider offering more services along with your present portfolio of offerings. This is nothing but up-selling where you offer a bouquet of services to increase your income; this helps you offer your clients other services apart from what he has asked for.

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Create A Simple Website To Build Your Online Presence

With the advancement of digitalization, you need to be there on the online platforms to enhance your online presence. Register yourself on Google Maps or Google My Business (GMB) to get local clientele. Create a simple website with your basic details and showcasing your work on your website with your contact details. It is a simple process, and you can watch tutorials on YouTube to get more knowledge on it. You can grow at a faster rate with a minimum of effort. If you are into full time jobs, there is less scope to grow.

To build a website soon in case you still don’t have one.

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Make Most Of Your Earning Capability

As we saw in the section above, you have a chance to earn more if you offer a diversified portfolio to the clients meaning not only one service but a bouquet of services. To do this, you have to make strategic decisions and focus on your service offerings.

It is a common phenomenon in interior designers that they pull themselves down instead of scaling up and earning more. It indicates that you have to be alert in your actions and be particular about what you need.

Interior Designing Earning Capability

Have equilibrium between the volume and quality of work at the same time. It is hard to find such a balance in full time jobs.

The first step to making more money is to be ready to work extra. This idea makes total sense. In simple words, your earnings can rise only when you have more work on the platter.

One of the significant issues with having more work is it comes with a lot of stress. When people face a deadline for a particular job, they get under pressure, which is harmful because then there are chances of making some major mistake that can cost you dearly, and it may also take longer than it ought to be. You don’t have such stress in full time jobs.

In the field of interior designing, this is a common scenario; with a lot of work on your platter, you get less flexibility to tackle any problem that may crop up.

The quality of work may get hampered by this lack of flexibility and a high level of stress. Quality of work getting suffered is common to all careers, but it is more relevant to creative fields like interior designing.

Thus accepting too much work can come with a lot of stress affecting your earnings in the long run; therefore, you need to plan and decide carefully how much work you can sustain with. It is the best part of freelancing that is not available to you if you are into full time jobs.

The best way is by accepting a few jobs and giving full justice to those jobs. This will, in turn, provide you with work satisfaction and also help you to build goodwill and raise your earning potential in due course of time.

Try To Offer More Service Than Making False Promises

Another problem with some freelance interior designers is that they make false promises regarding the budget or delivery period. They showcase a hypothetical picture to the client that they cannot achieve in reality.

It disappoints the clients, but it gets them agitated and angry; this affects your business. Your goodwill would go down the drain by upsetting your client, adversely affecting your potential to earn in the future. When you are on your own instead of a full time job, you need to be more professional and careful.

Instead, tell them how much and what all you can offer and be realistic. This way, you will win their confidence and be in their good books. If you can exceed what you had promised, it will further enhance your reputation, and your client will be very pleased.

Club The Current Trends, Your Skills, And What Clients Want Together Cohesively

Trends and styles are dynamic in nature, and they change very fast, so as an interior designer, you should keep yourself updated with the latest trends and what is currently working in your field.

If you are working as per the flow and changing trends and fashion in your area, you could be sought after as an interior designer, and you will achieve greater success against someone who is stuck up with a particular way of working. When you work full time jobs, you have set norms, but here you are free to work as you wish.

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Similarly, most of the time, you will realize that the client has a different say in the matter. To satisfy the client and keep them happy, you have to gel your style and idea with your client’s thought process to avoid any clash of interest.

Create A New Blog On The Topic Of Interior Designing

We discussed how you could raise your earnings by taking up more work, which is a simple and straightforward way. Still, in changing scenarios, we should look beyond this traditional means to market your services and earn big time without restrictions that otherwise you would have in full-time jobs.

One issue with interior designing work is there is a limit to how much you can do. The amount of work you can do is higher than the demand for such jobs. In some cases, the payment doesn’t justify the workload, so you don’t feel comfortable working on specific projects.

Get the perfect Tool of Interior Designers

You can create your own blog in your field of interior designing, where you can share your ideas, thoughts, and aspirations. A blog gives you an open platform to express yourself openly and helps in networking where you advertise yourself and get to meet people from your field. When you are in full time jobs, you don’t feel such a need for networking.

Most importantly, running a blog in your field can also become a source of generating income. There are two ways in which you can leverage your blog; let’s check out these options.

Publish Display Advertisements

These are the visual ads that you can publish on the Google network by opening up an account in Google AdSense. You can choose your criteria though you don’t have much control over which ads to publish; it is an excellent way to drive a high amount of traffic to your website that can help you to generate good income.

The best part is that you don’t have to write any promotional content. Create whatever content you want, drive traffic from anywhere, and when those ads get views and click, you get paid.

You will need to drive a high amount of traffic to earn more because the platform doesn’t pay you that much.

Engage In Affiliate Marketing Tactics

Affiliate marketing is one of the powerful and effective tools to generate income out of a blog. When you promote certain company products, you earn a commission if a sale happens because of your efforts. You can choose which company’s product to promote as per your choice and preference.

There are a lot of companies to choose from whose products you can promote through your blog. One such company is Ethan Allen offering various products and affiliate programs; another popular platform for affiliate marketing is Amazon. Big corporations offer affiliate marketing programs, but they may not advertise their openings, so; you have to search for such companies if you are interested.

Engage of Interior Designing

If you are running your blog on interior designing, affiliate marketing is good as people get influenced by the products you showcase and promote through your blog.  Companies like Houzz capitalize on affiliate marketing by allowing you to click items in the picture. But even if you don’t have that high technology support, you can simply list down those products in your blog with their corresponding photos and contact details from where the customers can buy them.

People get highly influenced by what you showcase, and they want to match exactly as described and shown in your blog, so you help the audience facilitate these products to fulfill their dream, and in turn, you also get paid for the same.

Build A Lucrative Business

The actual process of affiliate marketing is quite easy. The main job of affiliate marketing is to build a website, writing articles, posting pictures, and using product links that companies provide. These days making a website is an easy process with the emergence of so many software and tools. The difficult part is how to drive more traffic to your website. If you are into full time jobs, you don’t have any scope of running your blog and being an affiliate marketer.

Get More Money as an Interior Designer

As an interior designer, you have a high scope of making good money. There are many benefits of starting your freelancing practice as an interior designer. The following are a few of these benefits noted down for your reference.

  1. It is easy for a new freelancer to start with

As we discussed above, to start freelancing in the interior designing field is straightforward; there are no stringent processes or regulations you have to undergo. Once you decide, you can start immediately. It is not as cumbersome as getting full time jobs.

2. You don’t need any start-up costs to start your business as an interior designer.

To start your freelance business in the interior designing field, you don’t need any capital investment. You can start without incurring any expenditure on starting the enterprise.

3. If you are good, you can rise easily.

If you are good, and the clients like your work, you will grow easily as it would create your goodwill in the market that will help you get more leads.

There is a lot of scopes to earn good money Interior designing is a very lucrative career option, and there are a lot of scopes for making good money. Unlike full time jobs, there is no limit to how much you can earn.

Final Review

As we have seen above the different ways of how you can make interior designing a career option. It is a very creative field; if you have a knack for it and are interested in pursuing it as a career, it has a vast scope. Whether you work in a company or start freelancing in the field, you can grow and earn good money.

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