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Challenges To Be Faced By Freshers In Achieving Jobs During A Pandemic

Jobs are important for every individual in the present society no matter if they are full time jobs or part time jobs. Whatever the gender is, a job is needed to make the person unique and independent. Financial independence is important for a family to stand in society without any debts. So many families will spend every rupee based on the budget which they draft every month. This is the condition of the families before Covid-19.

The Effect Of Covid On Companies And Opt For Online Jobs

Now, the entire situation has changed. Everyone is having a fear of losing their jobs. Every company has been facing problems for one year.

New projects are not coming, and so many small and startup companies are suffering economic loss, and so many companies are being forced to shut their offices. So, to reduce the burden, the companies are trying to use minimal human resources. This is a major setback to the Indian economy and every candidate searching for online jobs now.

The Effect Of Covid On Graduates

Many graduates who came out from their colleges last year are experiencing the problem of fear of Covid if they go outside and are unable to sit idle without earning the amount needed for their survival. The situation of every graduate student is becoming worse daily. Due to Covid-19, in every part of Indian country, we can see graduates working for daily wages, in mechanic shops, and selling vegetables and fruits on footpaths.

Covid Affecting The Dreams Of The Younger Generation

Many students, who are good in academics, are losing hope of getting the good opportunities they dreamt of. Covid is not only creating economic loss but also killing the dreams of a younger generation. Even today, so many young students are moving into depression as they do not know how to face this hurdle, which they did not expect.

Problems Of Employees In Lockdown

When the Government of India announced Lockdown, so many companies announced online work for their employees. New opportunities are closed, and some companies deducted salaries for the employees at the top management level. Every country faced this hurdle, and the condition became worse in the case of new employees.

They need to be trained, and their doubts must be rectified. Their team leaders must spend their quality time clarifying the doubts of the new employees, and they must complete their projects on time. Training to employees is an important part of every company, and this aspect created some sort of depression and stress among team leaders and trainers.

Online Part time job
part time jobs

Lockdown Created Some Opportunities

During Lockdown, part-time jobs showed a way to most candidates who are proficient in the subjects that the company needs. Online training to students,

The Vaccine Created Hopes Among Every Company

Now, the vaccine which came into the market for Covid is creating hope in our lives again. Private companies, which feared National Lockdown, got assurance from India that Lockdown will not be implemented, and now companies are running again with minimal employees and are trying to come out from financial losses.

Challenges To Be Faced By Every Candidate Who Is Searching For A Job

But now, getting a Job is a big task that must be taken seriously by everyone searching for an opportunity. Now, a lot of competition will be there for every single opportunity. Only limited positions will be available, and only talented people will bag the offer. Companies will be searching for candidates who are having every skill set which they need. Let us go into detail about every step which freshers require to bag the opportunity.

1. Creating An Attractive Resume

CV is important for every job. Every company will look after the CV before shortlisting the candidate for the first round of Interviews. So, an attractive CV must make the company understand about us and the skills which we have. You must mention the skill set properly, and every point about us should be mentioned in detail, as the words written in our CV will speak about the resume writing, and we aim to bag the opportunity which the company opened. In every job portal, we are choosing to check and draft a CV to attract the recruiter.

2. Enclosing The Cover Letter

A cover letter is important for every CV. We must try to achieve the opportunity with the help of a Cover letter, as you will present our interest and passion towards the offer only in the cover letter. CV will describe us in detail, and the Cover letter will describe our ambition. Enclosing a correct cover letter will make the recruiter understand us and our interest in the offer. Companies will give us an opportunity, only if they feel that we are interested in the job. So, we need to use the cover letter to bag the opportunity.

3. Using Every Opportunity To Know About The Vacant Positions

In our circle, some will be remarkably close to us. We must reach them and try to find out the opportunities which are there in their companies. We must try to speak with friends, relatives about our aim to bag a specific position. It will yield the best results as they will have a specific idea about us when they come across the opportunity we are looking for. So, we must use these techniques to bag the correct position.

4. Using Job Portals

Job portals and newspapers play a significant role in helping us know about the various positions which are opened in the company. In India, indeed, Monster, Naukri play a significant role in providing the vacant list in companies. The companies will be using these portals to update their vacancies and skill set, which they need.

5. Using Print Media

Newspapers are another important source to know the positions which are vacant in companies. In English papers, we will be getting a lot of advertisements related to jobs, and every company will be giving the venue of the interview along with the contact number. So, we must read newspapers to know the list of opportunities in various companies. During this crisis, newspapers are important to search for job opportunities, and their price is affordable.


Print Media
Print Media
6. Using Our Time To Learn Something Useful To Us

Time is precious for everyone. If we sit idle, our brain will not function properly, and we will not get innovative ideas. Creativity is the best quality that every individual must develop. Every company will look for skills and innovative ideas to develop their business. We can think creatively only if we learn new things. During this crisis time, we have ample time to learn new things. Every company will update the skill set they need in job portals and on its website. So, one must look at the new skills that the company looks for and learn them. It will not only make us understand the new skills but also helps our brain to think creatively.

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7. Using Every Opportunity To Gain Experience

Nowadays, every company is offering freelancing projects for freshers. In freelancing projects, we will gain experience and learn many new things useful for jobs. Every freelancer will have an opportunity to learn the things needed to gain success in the desired field and the payments for every project. Freelancing opportunities are the best way to balance our lifestyle with our daily works and office projects. During this crisis time, freelancing is the best way to gain success and experience. So many companies are offering part-time jobs in freelancing projects. One can use these excellent opportunities as the company looks for experience while recruiting.

8. Use Social Media To Know The Opportunities

Social media is an excellent platform to know the opportunities which are opened in various companies. Facebook and LinkedIn play a significant role in providing information about job postings. Every recruiter is providing valuable tips on these platforms to achieve success in the interview. During the Lockdown time, these platforms played a key role in providing various online jobs that are useful to every individual searching for a job.

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9.Practicing Mock Interviews Regularly To Achieve Grip On Interviews

Mock interviews are important for freshers and experienced individuals. These mock interviews help us to find the mistakes which will change our score in the interview. You must practice mock interviews regularly, and we can take the help of various guides and books while practicing. These techniques help us to understand the subject thoroughly. Many companies are looking for candidates who are having extensive knowledge of the subject. If we practice interviews at home regularly, we will understand the subject and the tips which must be followed to say the subject understandably to the other person.

10. Understand The Company And Position

One must know about the company in detail. For every company, the website will be there, and we must Google the company to know the process and services which are available with the company. This technique gives an impression to the recruiter that we will grasp every point which will be told in training.


The tips which are mentioned above will give the best results only if we follow them on a regular basis. Success in an interview depends on the learning and speaking abilities. Communication plays a significant role in providing success in the interview. Nowadays, part-time jobs at home are showing a new way to achieve success in the life of every student, homemakers, private teachers who lost jobs during the time of Covid. Success will come only if we use every opportunity.

Finally, one must be self-confident. Self-confidence plays a key role in helping the candidate to learn from mistakes and failures. Practice will teach us how to handle the situation. These tips help the freshers to understand the distinct options which are available in the world.


Q1. How To Know About The Company In-Depth?

Answer: Every company will have a website. We need to understand the team strength and the services offered by the company.

Q2. Are Part-Time Jobs Which Are Offered On The Internet Genuine?

Answer: So many companies are offering part-time jobs which are genuine. The candidate must check every position which is mentioned on the internet by googling about the company. Any company will never ask the candidate amount as a registration fee. It is the main point which we must remember.

Q3. Do Companies See The Freelancing Experience?

Answer: Every company looks for experience only. Whether it is freelancing or a regular job company looks for experience and talent only. The major advantage of freelancing lies if we learn the subject thoroughly and give the work on time.

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