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How To Get More Views On A Youtube Video In 7 Easy Steps?

Many of us are aware that YouTube is the largest video streaming platform and ranks 2nd in the world concerning search engines.

On a daily basis, loads of people visit YouTube searching for some valuable tips. Experience with the help of jogos de caça niqueis gratis. They search for YouTube videos on Google or watch these videos published on a company’s portal.

Marketers always find it tricky while devising a marketing plan for this platform despite having so much popularity and a large following. Many users use this platform for searching for free online jobs as well.

Although so many people follow YouTube and watch videos regularly, the new marketers and the companies always have one hurdle in front of them. The task of generating more views for their video seems like an uphill task for them that sometimes looks beyond control, and the efforts they put in looks like a waste of time.

The State of Marketing report published recently shows that many companies are keeping YouTube content on the top of their marketing plan over the content ideas that include blogs. It is because video content is going to grow in the current year. This video content would also help many in finding suitable and free online jobs.

It is imperative to use YouTube to generate more and more views every month for the video content making it a successful platform to grow. Not only this, but YouTube also offers many valuable tools that you can cash on by creating video content that appeals to your audiences.

If you are looking for guidance on how to increase views for your video content, continue reading this blog as we will guide you through seven traits that will come in handy. This platform can be used to find videos that guide to find free online jobs.

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YouTuber Career

Tools That Help to Maximize YouTube Views

YouTube Studio Features

YouTube Studio is a tool where-in you can view your video content, edit, monitor, and optimize your YouTube channel as a video content creator. You will also get to view a dashboard, the insights, and your video content analytics. You can go through a demo of the tool’s working before we go further into knowing its features.

1. The Dashboard Of Your Channel

The dashboard of your YouTube Studio acts as a guide to review your video content and analyze which video had a better response and which didn’t click. It will also help you review your channel performance apart from giving you new topic ideas and trending topics on YouTube to help you create different video content for your channel. Making YouTube videos is one of the best free online jobs that you can try.

To access the YouTube Studio tool, click on the blue color button with ‘YouTube Studio’ written on it as you enter your channel.

Clicking on this button will take you to the dashboard of your channel. This is a glimpse of the dashboard before posting any videos.

2. Channel Analytics

On your YouTube Studio tool, there is an analytics button where you can check the performance of your videos as well as your YouTube channel. Yahoo analytics will help you understand your audience preference what kind of content they are looking for; you can accordingly use this information to make your content that will eventually help maximize views. You can give serious thought to video creation on YouTube as it is an easy and free online job to choose from.

Let’s take an example for simple understanding. You published two videos on your channel explaining your brand and the second video talking about product promotion. The first video got more views and engagement than the second. It means your audience is more interested in the content that gives information about your brand rather than promotions as simple as that.

This analytics button on your studio will showcase many valuable tips as follows –

  • For how long the video has been viewed on average.
  • A number of views and subscribers for each channel.
  • At what point viewers got out of the video.
  • View numbers for each video.
  • Demographic information concerning your audience and their interests.

Making YouTube videos and analyzing them is simple, and among free online jobs one can ask for just a little knowledge, and you can get through.

Let’s have a glimpse of how this analytics tab looks like.

Various Means to Get More Views on YouTube

3. Tools to Optimize your Search

Although YouTube does not have descriptions, titles for a playlist, or about pages, search engine optimization of your video content for various search engines requires you to put content for your video. Apart from optimizing your video content, keywords concerning your industry will come in useful for you. This will help in maximizing your views on YouTube

There are various tools where you can search for relevant keywords pertaining to your content in the same way you can do SEO research for a blog.

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4. Featured Video or Autoplay the Playlist

One of the best features of doing free online jobs like making a YouTube video is to put a featured video or a playlist to welcome the people who have subscribed to your channel recently. Or it can also act as a means to induce viewers looking to subscribe to your channel. There is this one feature on YouTube where it permits you to upload a fresh video that would mainly be informative content for the new prospects who are about to subscribe or have newly subscribed simultaneously along with your regular videos for the existing subscribers.

Go to your channel, where you will find a customized channel tab. Clicking on it will take you to the page where it allows you to do customization with the help of images and content. It doesn’t take too much training or learning any special skills to start such free online video creation jobs.

Apart from customization for the new subscribers or the repeat viewers, these featured videos will attract more views, after which you can even switch to the autoplay option.

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5. Share Option

Whenever you upload a new video content or edit your video, you can appeal to your viewer to share your video on social media amongst their network by simply pressing, ‘share’ button options available on all the YouTube videos. 

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6. Cards or Video Annotations

YouTube used to allow its users to add a link to their other videos or website in the videos for many years now. This feature is called ‘Card,’ formerly known as ‘annotations.’ The card feature was an enhanced version introduced mainly for mobile users, and it can be in the YouTube Studio.

This ‘card’ feature not only attracts the audience to your other videos and your channel, but it helps in driving traffic onto your portal as well. Your search engine ranking also gets a boost with this internal linking effort. Earning through YouTube videos like this is a great option when looking for free online jobs; if you do it right, you can earn well without any investment.

7. Links in Video Descriptions

If the frequency of your blogs is less, then it makes sense to put a link of other featured blogs or your website in the new blog; by doing this, you are likely to attract more views. Same strategy you can apply even for YouTube video content. Here you can put your link in the description session under your video.

You enhance your viewer’s experience by adding a little description of your video and the links to other videos. At the same time, your video content gets optimized for search engines.

If you have heard of a popular YouTuber, Lilly Singh, and if you follow her, you can check out her description of the content she puts under her videos; here’s a sneak peek into one of such videos.

Maximizing views for YouTube

As one of the free online jobs options for creating YouTube videos, you need a good content strategy with engaging content for YouTube even though there are certain tools on the platform that may help you.

  • Search Engine Optimization: A proper research for keywords relevant to you will help you identify which topics are trending and which users highly search keywords to create your content around those keyword ideas.
  • Content Promotion:  After your video is uploaded on the platform, you can appeal to your audiences through other social media channels to watch your YouTube video and to share it further in their network. It will help you to gain more views.
  • Review: It is very important to review your video content after it goes live. Go through your video analytics and the comments you have received for your videos to learn the audience preferences giving your insight for your subsequent video content.


Let us rewind what we read in this article here. Creating video content and managing your YouTube channel is an easy task. Anyone can do it with some knowledge and understanding, especially if you are searching for free online jobs. Stay tuned for more such insightful articles in the near future.

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