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During covid part-time job is the only viable option across the globe. We brought you various part time job options, and you can choose as per your skills. Today, we again brought you some high paying part time jobs.

The process of being a personal coach is not very difficult, but what is rather difficult to those young trainers who have recently received certification is to make it a career and as a source of income. Athletics Federation of India (AFI) has laid down 6 ways in which you can make personal training as their income-generating career source. Let us read it in detail below. This option can also earn you a good amount as it is one of the high paying part time jobs.

Before we start to answer one simple question – suppose you know of a couple of trainers, and both of them have received certifications. These trainers earn fifty thousand dollars annually; the first-person work for 40 hours per week while the second person commits only 10 hours. Between these two, who are richer when the year ends?

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As their income is not different from one another when the year ends, it is clearly not about how much they earn, but it is about the free time in hand and both coaches’ mentality. The one who is working 40 hours in a week gets twenty dollars hourly, whereas the other person who works only 10 hours weekly receives hundred dollars an hour. Finally, whatever money they earn turns out to be the same. This job can also be pursued as part time since you can see it proves as high paying part time jobs.

Between The Two Instructors, Which One Is Richer?

Many people would disagree with me, but I believe the one who is working only for 10 hours weekly is wealthier because he doesn’t only make an exactly similar amount by the year-end. Still, he has a luxury of free time that he can dedicate to his family, friends, or expand his business. Having extra in hand is the best thing. In today’s fast-paced life where we don’t get enough time for ourselves and our loved ones, if you are able to take out so much time and devote that time for them, nothing proves blissful than this.

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It is not difficult for anybody to turn into a personalized coach, one who has the potential to make fifty thousand dollars yearly by working for 10 hours weekly or who can earn 100,000 dollars working for 20 hours weekly, after going through the following guidelines given below. It will also help in case you are searching for high paying part time jobs.

Whether you work as an individual freelance coach or an instructor who works with a club or a gym, both can follow these guidelines. A freelance coach is free in regard to how much to charge, whereas the one who is working as an employee of the club can still live a healthy way.

Working in a club or a gym is a comparatively low-risk affair, plus you still enjoy little freedom compared to some other career options. If the in-house instructors follow the guidelines given in this article, they can make the most of it with minimum efforts working within the same club or gym. You can work for a few hours as a personal trainer and earn good money as this is one of the high paying part time jobs.

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Put More Than 100% Effort

You must have heard from your teacher, your coach, and even your superior in the company asks to put more than 100% effort into what you are doing, isn’t it? I don’t see the logic of how a person gives more than 100% percent? The talk about it, I recollect reading about the Pareto principle of the 80 – 20 rule. This rule states that to gain 80 percent result, you need to put 20 percent effort, or in other words, if you put only 20 percent into the task still can give you a return to the tune of eighty percent. For high paying part time jobs, this rule is great where you receive better payment putting less effort.

It may sound unbelievable or fake, but this rule applies almost everywhere. For instance, eighty percent of the world’s fortune is in the hands of only twenty percent of people, or twenty percent of people driving commit eighty percent of accidents.

The Maximum Effort Anyone Can Give Is 100%

Continuing with the topic, we discussed in the previous paragraph that when you start your business, you put the greatest effort up to twenty percent only and get exceeding results. The unproductive factors involved in your 100 percent efforts are many, so instead, put what is worth it. For such high paying part time jobs, these many efforts are totally worth it.

While you start prospecting for scaling up the business, put forward a high energy and labor level, starting with only 10 percent efforts increasing gradually to 20%.  Fix timing when you are most efficient, and enter that calendar as an appointment; this will not let you forget your commitment.

Note it down in the notepad like a meeting scheduled in advance for which you have already made a payment; therefore, it is not possible to reschedule or avoid. The commitment will compel you to give 10, percent effort which is only six minutes, so work your best for those 6 minutes and, if possible, a little extra which will prove effective. For high paying part time jobs like this one spending six minutes is easy.

The usual work week worldwide is forty hours; dedicate 10 percent of that to expand your profession, amounting to only 4 hours weekly. Focus completely on scaling up your business within these 4 hours and be more productive. The six minutes of hard work you give within an hour will be able to get you 100 dollars per hour. Suppose you put in such hard work two times a week to get an extra ten thousand four hundred dollars yearly.

It indicates when you are working out in the gym one time in an hour, commit ten percent from that completely to fix appointments for first workouts, keeping a distance from all the possible hindrances. Ten percent is the bare minimum; if you can increase it to twenty percent and exercise for twelve minutes instead, it is good, but then taking a break is advisable. For high paying part time jobs, it can’t get better than this.


Commit Ten Percent Of Your Time To Fix Meeting

Once you get out from the workout session, start conversing with random people you don’t know. This is to make you outgoing by getting you out of the shell. Start prospecting with these strangers by following eighty – twenty rules to put in your highest level of hard work. Once you finish talking, take a break and start conversing again.

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Below are a few simple ways to follow while giving your best 20% that will help you build your business in the minimum amount of time. These guidelines are effective whether you are working with the club or working as a freelance trainer. Even if you are thinking of working part time it is lucrative as these jobs are one of the high paying part time jobs.

Six Easy Guidelines To Help You Do Effective Prospecting

1. Show Your Unavailability

Look out for the best prospective clients when you are prospecting, the ones who would be genuinely interested in buying the service that you are offering, even if it is a complimentary workout session to offer.

Portray yourself as if you are unavailable for taking up any new client and you are there only to help the clients who ask for any support. Maintain your composure. It will induce many prospects to approach you for being a personal trainer, and that’s where you gain the upper hand. In high paying part time jobs like this, there is a general perception that if a trainer looks busy, that means he must be really good. And the general tendency of anybody is to go after anything that is out of hand.

2. Prospect Like A Manager Would

As a trainer, I always tried to prospect any new client as if I was the manager, and this is how I succeeded most of the time in getting new clientele at a faster rate. It is very easy to fix a workout appointment for one of your trainers when managing a gym or a club. Tell the prospective clients that you will fix their appointment with one of your trainers, but finally, you will train them personally to help them achieve their health-related goals. Even if you are looking for part time opportunities, go for these kinds of jobs as they are the high paying part time jobs.

I feel this approach is one of the easiest and best ways to set first workouts. You can casually approach a prospect client, talk to them, build a rapport by making them comfortable. And gradually offer them a complimentary workout session with one of your trainers; you are not at a loss even if they refuse to accept it. You don’t need to stress over it; just leave it there and move on.

3. Prospect Along With Another Equally Motivated Trainer

Another method of prospecting for new clientele is collaborating with another trainer who is equally charged up and expressive as you are. In such high paying part time jobs, you both can work as a team together for prospecting and earning a good amount. You can simply approach the prospective client you are speaking to and try to edify your teammate in front of him to the prospect telling them how good he or she is, and working with them will definitely be very effective for you.

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This approach is also known as a 3rd party endorsement but doesn’t do it for yourself; try and find an extrovert trainer who also wants to grow their business and work as a team one by one. When working in a team, you may see that when one trainer is instructive for another, he puts in extra effort than he would put to market himself. For high paying part time jobs, this much effort really pays off.

 4. Endorse By Wearing Its Trainer T-Shirt

When you are doing prospecting out of the gym, it may get a little difficult; therefore, an easy way by which you can do prospecting is by wearing your trainer’s t-shirt on, which is an endorsement in itself; you don’t have to speak up, but your t-shirt will speak for you.

Some people ask silly questions, so let people see your trainer shirt and approach you themselves to know if you are a trainer. You can follow the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) guidelines of what to do when approached with such questions.

Make Prospects Realize That You Are A Personal Trainer

While in such high paying part-time jobs, if you go to any public places like the malls, or cafes or book shops where you come in contact with the public at large. And if you have put the shirt that portrays bodybuilding, you will realize that many people will come forward to talk to and ask questions related to fitness. You can cross-question them to judge if they are really into fitness or asking just like that. Endorsing the shirt in such public places helps you greatly as it acts as a moving advertisement.

5. Make Use Of Freelancing Site Such As Craigslist Effectively

Register yourself on freelancing sites such as Craigslist and put up an ad with thoughtfully written content to attract prospective clientele. Don’t go overboard and portray something rubbish that will get ignored and forgotten. It is the worst approach to make money through online mediums. For getting such high paying part time jobs, this platform is a great medium.

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Attract your prospect with good content, with certain useful tips and tricks for good content writing, and if someone is really interested and emails you, then you can respond to them with the complete list. Then wait for their responses.

6. Ask For Referrals

One of the quickest ways to gain more clients is by asking for referrals, although it may not be effective. If your current clients are happy with your service, then you can ask them for referrals, and they will be happy to help you. It is the best source to get references for high paying part time jobs like these.

Do not offer your client anything free for giving referrals. If you offer something free, it will devalue your services, so refrain from doing so.

A quick way to get referrals from clients is by giving referrals,  so if you ask your clients for referrals to approach a new clientele, let them know that you will be giving their reference to your network as well, so it will become give and take relation. Hand them a few of your business cards so that they can distribute them to someone who wants your services and wants to contact you directly. It’s a sensible approach for getting such high paying part time jobs.


Before concluding this topic, you remember certain fundamentals that will help you. First and foremost, portray that you are busy and not available as indirectly saying that you are not interested in taking up any new client. It is the message you want to send out to the new prospective client indicating your time is precious, and if they are really interested, only then will you fix their training with a trainer to achieve their health goals. Eventually, you train them yourself or expand your business and appoint another trainer to train them personally, then do that. You will still earn well in these high paying online part times jobs.

Give complete attention to your efforts for an average of 6 -12 minutes per hour and follow these six simple guidelines discussed above for prospecting new clients. If you do this much, you can become a personal trainer who can easily earn 50,000 to 100,000 dollars a year working only ten to twenty hours a week. Since you have put only 20 percent of your efforts into getting those results, it doesn’t seem difficult at all.

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